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Hi folks, ok so it has been well over due since an update on the site took place but that is not to say that we haven’t been doing anything.

2014 saw us re-evaluate the goal of RiPA as well as tying up loose ends and planning for 2015.

As you can see the website is going through a major overhaul at the moment. This is to make it a bit more fresh and modern so hopefully you’ll like the changes that have been made. 

Also we have bought back a forum!! Yep that right, a FORUM! 
Many people still see these as a long forgotten old fashioned entity and they may be right. But we found that, although Facebook has it’s uses, there’s nothing like being part of a tighter knit community.

So thank you for staying with us during this transition and we hope to hear from you all real soon.

Oh and just to whet your whistle, we will be visiting, among others, The Hellfire Caves and Bisham Abbey over the next couple of months so we would love to hear your stories if you have been to those places.

Thanks for staying with us during this time.

Posted 134 weeks ago