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Could this be the secret of real Orbs??

Posted by Atticus on Friday, August 7, 2009 Under: Medical

 People often ask myself, and other RiPA's, can 'Orbs' been seen with the naked eye?. The answer to this can be a yes and can be a no. Some people often swear that they see 'Orbs' floating around.
On an investigation, you may be lucky enough to catch an 'Orb' with the naked eye just as the flash goes off, but alas, this will be nothing more than dust, or if outside, probably just moisture. On a foggy/misty day, go outside with a high beam torch, shine it straight up and see how things look.
But what about the instances when your sitting at home, then all of a sudden you start seeing all these weird flying things? Sometime colour, sometimes monochrome..... What are they? Could you have just found your mediumlistic abilities? Truth is, probably not.

Floaters are those little dark specs that you see in the background of your eye intermittently.  They may form to one side and move as you move your eye to see them, so they are always just out of direct line of sight. They are generally easiest to see when looking at plain back grounds such as a clear sky or a light plain colored wall.

The floaters are actually small pieces of gel or cells that are inside the vitreous fluid.  That is the clear jelly like substance or fluid that is found in the inside of your eye.

Some people claim that they see strands or web like images or maybe even small bugs  What you are really seeing are the shadows of the floaters.  The shadows are cast on the retina which is the part of the eye that is light-sensitive.

Others even claim that they see flashes of light. Which could be how people percieve 'Orbs'.  This is usually caused by the mechanical stimulation of the eyes' photoreceptors when the vitreous fluid pulls on the light-sensitive retina.

Again some people may also see these flashes if they have been hit hard in the head.  That can be a warning sign that the retina could be detaching.

Floaters can also come from small vessels in the eye leaking and creating miniscule clumps. Most of the time floaters are harmless and just come with age.

There are weightlifters who report developing floaters after taking up the sport. They also have found links to floaters and continual use of the computer. Could it be that floaters are caused by tension in the upper body?

Naturally, if you start seeing alot of 'Orbs', and they occur frequently and block vision while driving or functioning on a job that requires your complete focus, that is another case altogether. You should see your eye-doc

In rare cases a floater could be more than just a simple cell mass. There is a potential that it might be a foreign body in the eye or the onset of an eye disease.

Floaters have also been linked to glaucoma and if they suddenly appear or are accompanied with flashes of light you should get immediate medical attention..

Your vision is too important to take any chances so remember if you notice an abundance of new floaters, have narrowing side vision or begin to experience a series of lightening bolts in your line of vision, you should get it examined. Either due to a medical condition or the fact that you have just developed the superhuman ability to shoot lightening bolts from your eyes! In which case, give RiPA a call!

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