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Is your house haunted—or is it just drafty?

Posted by Atticus on Friday, October 29, 2010, In : Environmental 

Flickering lights. A slamming door. The scent of perfume wafting through the air. These could all be signs of paranormal activity in your home. But there’s probably a far less haunting explanation—though what it's costing you could be scary. Just in time for Halloween, RiPA takes the fright out of five household phenomena.
Cold spots
While drafts could be the result of a restless apparition, they’re more likely caused by air leaks or inadequate insulation. Professional energy auditors...

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Muncaster Castle Study

Posted by Atticus & Hazel Muir on Friday, October 30, 2009, In : Environmental 

Some time back, There was a weekend of talks and strangeness at Muncaster Castle.
but unfortunately, none of the RiPA's could make this event, which was a shame as it sounded like it would've been quite a weekend.

Anyhow, although RiPA do hope to attend Muncaster soon, Hazel Muir, who is a freelance writer based in the UK, spent some time at the castle and she shares
some of the happenings at the castle.
Muncaster Castle is definately on the RiPA 'to-do' list.

AS MEDIEVAL CASTLE bedrooms go, thi...

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