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Scientists explain phenomenon of submortem visions ( NDE / OBE)

Posted by Atticus on Monday, February 14, 2011, In : Biological 

As a rule, people perceive near-death visions as a phenomenon that proves the existence of the nether world. Many of those people, who wake up from clinical death, say that they were traveling along a narrow dark tunnel with light shimmering at its end. Some people say that they were communicating with some luminous creature (whom they take for God) and their deceased relatives.

American scientists studied encephalograms of dying patients and discovered that the electric activity in their br...

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Crystal Balls Reveal How The Brain Recalls The Past

Posted by Atticus & Julian Richards on Tuesday, May 25, 2010, In : Biological 

Ok, So we are familiar with the Crystal Ball and how Madame Cleo will predict your future if you cross her palm with silver or gold.
But what if, just what if it wasnt the future she was reading, but the past?
Even more strange would be what if the Crystal Ball was to actually reveal this?

Memory is intimate, emotive, aesthetically lavish - and electrochemically encoded in the biostuff between our ears. Offering all that to play with, the physical mechanism of remembering would seem an obvious ...

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