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Please, Don’t Appeal to Quantum Mechanics to Propagate Your Pseudoscience

Posted by Atticus & Stuart Robbins on Thursday, November 25, 2010, In : Quantum 

RiPA mentions and uses the term "Quantum" in quite a bit of their work, Be it Q-Physics, Q-Theory, Q-Mechanics you may have seen it on site.
Unfortunately, many other paranormal orientated groups use this claim too. but alas, many use it just to make them appear more "sciency".
This is becoming more and more common.
Stuart Robbins picks up the point and explains how the effect of misuse of the word can be detrimental to the user.

There is no formal logical fallacy that I know of called “Appeal ...

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Ghost Hunting Science vs Pseudoscience

Posted by Atticus & Steve Novella on Saturday, November 13, 2010, In : Skepticism 

Following on from the"Ghost hunting, pseudoscience and skepticism" posts that have seemed to gain alot of interest on site. Steve Novella Writes a perfectly balanced analysis of the two writers debate.

Ok, so theres this whole debate thing going on on-site whether ghost-hunting is science or pseudoscience. The first salvo was apparently fired by Michael Dippold, who took the skeptical position. There is also a response by Peter Allen, defending the science of paranormal investigation. I hope t...

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A response to ‘Ghost hunting, pseudoscience and skepticism’

Posted by Atticus & Peter Allen on Saturday, November 13, 2010, In : Skepticism 

Ok, so the previous post on "Ghost hunting, pseudoscience and skepticism" sparked some controversy off it seems.
Below is a responce from what I percieve to be quite a believer. Do i agree with the person who wrote the responce? Not really, but I will not put my thoughts forward on this matter just yet


Dear RiPA

In the recent critique of ghost hunting, Michael Dippold argued that paranormal investigation is merely pseudoscience. He wrote that "there's not a single shred of ...

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Ghost hunting, pseudoscience and skepticism

Posted by Atticus & Michael Dippold on Saturday, November 13, 2010, In : Skepticism 

Of recent times many more groups are saying that they tackle the paranormal from a "scientific" aspect. This unfortunately is not so true.

RiPA have been arguing against the carbon copies of Most Haunted groups for some while now and we havent made many friends by doing that.
If a group was scientific, then they would be open to criticism and question by their peers. It seems with many that this is not so either.

Micheal Dippold puts this point across for RiPA very well and mirrors all RiPA's th...

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