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Critical Thinking & Its Importance To The Paranormal

Posted by Atticus on Friday, September 18, 2009, In : Science 

Ok, you hear it alot within the paranormal world and RiPA speak about it quite often. But what exactly IS Critical Thinking?

No one always acts purely objectively and rationally. We connive for selfish interests.  We gossip, boast, exaggerate, and equivocate. It is "only human" to wish to validate our prior knowledge, to vindicate our prior decisions, or to sustain our earlier beliefs. In the process of satisfying our ego, however, we can often deny ourselves intellectual growth and opportunit...

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Anomalistic Psychology: What is it and why bother?... By Chris French

Posted by Atticus and Chris French on Tuesday, September 15, 2009, In : Psychological 

Chris French writes about why it is worth bothering to explore Anomalistics and Anomalistic Psychology.

RiPA looks forward to conducting alot more work and projects with Chris as RiPA feels he and his 'critical thinking' ways are an important aspect to the paranormal world.
Anomalistic psychology: What is it and why bother?
Why is it worth taking weird experiences and beliefs seriously?

I set up the Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit (APRU) in the Department of Psychology at Goldsmiths, Uni...

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Does Quantum Mechanics F**k Your Mind Up?

Posted by Atticus on Thursday, September 10, 2009, In : Quantum 

For all we know we may live in a world in which windows un-break and cold cups of coffee spontaneously heat up, we just don't remember.
The explanation is quantum entanglement.

Of course it is! and with the help of freelance journalist, Michael Slezak, RiPA will help shed a bit more light on this.

Imagine if a cold cup of coffee spontaneously heated up as you watched. Or a cracked pane of glass suddenly un-broke. According to physicist Lorenzo Maccone at the Massachusetts Institute of Technolog...

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Quantum Mechanics - An introduction

Posted by Atticus on Friday, September 4, 2009, In : Quantum 

RiPA brings in quantum theory as part of their investigation process into paranormal phenomenon. But quite often, people tend to shun the subject and try and find the nearest corner to hide in for the mere mention of Quantum seems to scare them. So here Im going to try and simplify the basics in order to make it a bit more friendly.

In day to day life, we intuitively understand how the world works. Drop a glass and it will smash to the floor. Push a wagon and it will roll along. Walk to a wall...

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