The Devils Pact

 If you're tired of taking the moral high road and getting nowhere and would like to fast-track your way to the life of instant gratification and numerous pleasures, consider making a deal with the Devil. Follow the link below to find out more....

Lets Do A Deal

Take RiPA with you

We at RiPA are well aware that there are many ghost hunting groups out there that come away with alleged evidence after visiting certain properties. RiPA have been to many locations over the years but have failed to capture any empirical evidence of paranormal phenomena. despite going to several titled 'the most haunted place in the UK'.

If you belong in such a team and would like to help us see such phenomenon., then please drop us aline and we would be more than happy to come along. In return, we will not interfere, comment or adjust anything you do. All we ask is that we can film unintrusively.