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P3: Occupational Hazards in Paranormal Research

Posted by Atticus on Sunday, November 29, 2009 Under: Group Advice

Ok so here is the 3rd and final part of the 'Occupational Hazards in Paranormal Research' papers.
If you missed the first 2, they can be found by clicking below...

P1: Occupational Hazards in Paranormal Research

P2: Occupational Hazards in Paranormal Research

So on this one we are going to look into the more personal side of being a researcher and being part of a team. The initial thought is 'how could it possibly change my life?'
The afterthought however is,
'oh yeah, so it does'
This is quite possibly the most controversial part on the subject, and again it may not all apply, but im sure some of it will.


1) Ostracism by Family/Friends:

A lot of people come from a religious background which frowns on investigating the paranormal. From the other end of the spectrum, the business/science world doesn't always look so favorably on it either. Should you casually mention to your boss or elderly aunt that you hang out in cemeteries late at night? Think carefully, because once the cat is out of the bag, that's it. Ditto for going on TV and appearing in the media. 

2) Extramarital Affairs:

You may be shocked by this one, but in my experience it's one of the most overlooked risks in hunting. 
As i've stated many times before, I have been doing this a long time and throughout my time involved I have seen many relationships split, part, divorced all for another member of the same group. Worse still things happen that are worthy of a word by Jeremy Kyle. This seems to be common place among the Paranormal comunity.

Why is this? Are ghost hunters just so incredibly sexy?

Well, yes. with RiPAbeing the sexiest!! Many people who join a group tend to be married and want to get out of the house. (and/or away from the spouse) There can be an artificial intimacy created by the sense of danger and teamwork. Of course for some people, this issue may not be seen as a disadvantage, though I think mixing infidelity and the paranormal can be a bad mojo. However, if your both willing and single, then good luck.

3) Obsessiveness with the Dead:

It is very easy to get caught up in ghost hunting and paranormal research to such an extent that you spend a lot of time, money and energy involved in this field. But then important responsibilities and relationships can get ignored and sacrificed unknowingly. Many people use this research as an escape, which is fine up to a point, but it can be an excuse not to deal with certain issues. Don't get blindsided by this one. Take a break and spend time with living people in the sunlight.

4) Ego Inflation:

Yeah, it's real cool that you can run around in cemeteries alone with that steely gaze of yours reflecting in the moonlight move over Robert Pattison! But be careful about having Mulder / Buffy delusions. I know everyone has their gifts and superpowers, but know your limitations and back off when you get close to the edge. Even if you don't put yourself in danger, the "paranormal badass" attitude can be a real turnoff to other mere mortals and they will treat you accordingly

5) Fear:
This was so obvious I'm surprised that I didn't mention it
sooner. Fear is detrimental for a lot of reasons:
it causes stress, poor judgment, interferes with an investigation and it can be downright dangerous. Getting hurt by a ghost virtually never happens, but many people hurt themselves by running away from what they perceive to be supernatural. And there are certainly incidents where intense fear can trigger a panic or heart attack.

If you even remotely suspect you might have a tendency for this sort of issue or have a very nervous temperament, you should seriously consider either not being an investigator in the field, or be very selective where and when you investigate. A lot of psychics I know have very defined limits for the sorts of places they will go into, and some will not work alone. Please be considerate of the people you are working with. If you push yourself into situations you can't handle, it can be a burden to the rest when they have to carry your unconscious ass out of the top floor of a hotel. 

I know I sound a little intolerant here - for more background on this, please see #11 Property Owners saying no under Field Hazards in Part 1. Some of my irritation comes from watching a lot of people join an investigation for what seems to be the sole purpose of putting on a little drama show for the rest of us.
Please, spare us the dramatics and get a grip on yourself.

6) Money Drain:
Ghost hunting can get expensive as hell, and if you are like a lot of researchers, you may be under or unemployed and just trying to scrape by. Justifying a drive of 40 miles out to a ruined house to burn up mini dvds when you need to get up in the morning and earn money for food can be tough to do and I'm not saying you should. Watch your money and don't go hog wild on equipment until you prove that you can and will use it.

7) Administrative Overload & Burnout:

As alluded to before in organizational hazards, running a group can be very demanding. Adding members and doing more investigations often begins to increase the workload exponentially, as you find yourself mired in a sea of documentation, emails and people to call. If you don't get responsibilities and expectations clear, you will find yourself doing everything that is administrative and very little of the enjoyable or rewarding work that paranormal research can offer.

Be realistic about what you are able to do and take on. No one group can investigate everything or admit everyone as a member unless they are lucky, wealthy, or have all the time in the world. If you don't set definable limits, you will find yourself burned out within a few years and may leave the field entirely.

8) Borrowing Equipment & Gear:
It's nice to share and even nicer to return things. I recommend a sign out sheet for any and all lent gear - not because I don't trust people to have good intentions, but because I forget where the stuff goes to. Just where is my book 'The Orb Project' By Michael Ledwith??  
a joke to read by the way, take a look)


So, that concludes this paper on the in's and out's of paranormal research, I thought it would be interesting to reveal the truth behind the websites, names and swanky gadgets that many teams promote.
Oh and let me just add that it is also alot of fun and very, VERY interesting! This paper is just the tip of the iceberg about running and being part of a team.
I know i'm not going to gain many fans for stating what i've said but hey ho, any hate-mail can be sent to me at

Well, I hope I haven't completely killed off everyone's interest in the paranormal. Of course, I'm sure some of you out there are like: "I can be possessed and have extramarital affairs? Sign me up!" 


As in true RiPA style, I wanted to be honest with you guys and to give a head's up so you don't get blindsided. So good luck and happy hunting out there.

Oh and if you would like to enter the paranormal world as a RiPA, visit our join us page and we'll be in touch soon.

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