On the 20th May. RiPA will open their doors to invite a select few to join us on an evening of Crime and Punishment.

The Galleries are a prime location for RiPA and nearly every Paranormal group, amateur or tour, have claimed to come away with irrefutable evidence.

Truth be told, RiPA are yet to see any of this 'proof' but if the claims keep coming, there must be something there right?
Lets take a look.


Housed in the Grade II listed Shire Hall, The Galleries of Justice in the heart of Nottingham's City center needs no introduction to those who have a strong interest in alleged haunted buildings. So RiPA look forward to returning to this magnificent location; reputedly Nottingham's most haunted building.

There has been a court on the present site of the Galleries of Justice since the late 1300's and documentation tells of a prison here c1449. The building was one of the few places that you could have been tried, convicted, imprisoned and executed all on the same premises; hangings took place in the area of the main entrance steps!

In Victorian times the Galleries of Justice housed two courtrooms where many a villain was handed their punishment and either transported to work hard labour in foreign lands or worse...The courtrooms remain to this day, along with many other original parts of the Galleries; the washroom, cells, courtyard - complete with buried bodies underfoot.

The Galleries of Justice has long had a reputation for being the most haunted building in the City of Nottingham, and there have been numerous reported incidents of ghosts, hauntings and paranormal activity.

Several people have been witness to shadowy forms moving in the main courtroom, especially around the balcony area overlooking the court itself. Workmen who were working here complained of someone in the balcony area watching them, only for the figure to disappear - there was only a night watchmen in the building with them. This is said to be quite a common occurrence when there are a lot of people about.

Footsteps, voices and strange sensations have been experienced in the prison cell areas and cell doors have been know to open and close by themselves.
One recent claim reports of clearly hearing somebody shout their name and even shouted back in reply - but nobody from the said crowd had shouted them in the first place! 

Buried beneath the flagstones are the bodies of several who tried out the hangman's noose. It is in this area that feelings of depression and foreboding are felt. The form of a small child has been seen here too. Located in the exercise yard is the Transportation exhibition, where several people have experienced small objects being thrown and shuffling noises. Just off the exercise yard lies perhaps the worst prison cell within the Galleries of Justice, known as the 'Pits' - a holding cell which is basically a hole in the ground where prisoners where thrown. The only way out was the way they came in - ten feet high above them and barred. 

In this area people have heard bangs and thuds and have felt most uncomfortable. Movement of trigger objects has been known in this area. Light anomalies and cold spots are also felt.

A medieval cave system exists in the bowels of the Galleries of Justice. Voices, movement and smells have been witnessed here. Objects here appear to be thrown on request!. 
One of the strangest incidents here involved a phantom cat; noises were heard coming from the area and when investigated there were cat paw prints visible- only they started and ended in the middle of the floor with no way for such an animal to escape without being seen by visitors.


Shadows and footsteps in the Courtyard
Unexplained bangings and noises
Discarnate voices
Cold spots
Light anomalies
Doors shutting and opening
Strange smells
Trigger objects moving
Unexplained feelings of depression and foreboding