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Stephen Holbrook

Posted by Cally on Thursday, February 12, 2009 Under: Psychics / Mediums


Yorkshire based medium Steven Holbrook is one of Britain's most accurate mediums. His clairvoyance evenings attract large numbers of people hoping to get readings and those that are given messages from departed loved ones have nothing but good things to say about him.
He developed his gift during meetings at a spiritualist church and with the help of his spirit guide Archie has given hundreds of people messages that are not only accurate but are delivered in a sensitive and caring manner. I myself have been to many of Stevens evenings and would suggest to anyone that if they get the opportunity to see him then grab it with both hands.
Here Steven answers some questions posed by the RiPA  members and gives us an insight into his world.


Thank you for taking the time to speak to RiPA about what you do.


First off, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I would consider myself pretty much an ordinary guy, nothing unusual, run of the mill. Perhaps a little over-sensitive sometimes. I always appreciate the fact that I have been chosen to represent spirit.


When did you first realise that you were able to connect with spirits?

When I was 9 years old, I was awoken by my grand dad at 4.55am who said 'I've gone, go and tell your mother' and I replied 'Gone where?' He just said 'Go and tell her I've gone'. You never argued with my grand dad, so I went and told my mum who said I must have been dreaming. Anyway she came into my room and of course my grand dad wasn't there. She put me back to sleep, but the next morning she found out that he had died at 4.50am, so it only took him 5 minutes to come back and let us know. My mum made me vow never to tell a soul what happened, but of course things progressed through my life, and I never really heard spirits again until I was 16 in the supermarket when I brushed against someone by accident. A voice came into my head, 'tell her its Michael, its her son, and wish Chloe happy birthday for next week' She thought I was mad, but was really grateful for the message.


Are you clairaudiant, clairvoyant, clairsentient or one of the lesser known 'Clair' variants?

I am 90% clairaudiant, 10% clairvoyant.


How do you connect with the spirits ?

through speech. My guide Archie May lets me know that he is ready when my left arm twists up, and I know we're about to get started! I don't spend an hour in a darkened room meditating. I'd rather be busy giving out tickets etc or doing bookwork.


Do you have a spirit guide, if yes please could you tell us a bit about him/her ?

Archie May. We never knew much about him for years, and to be honest I wasn't that concerned about finding out who he was, just in case he thought I was being intrusive and decided to leave me! One of my book readers delved into many and various avenues, and found out 'our' Archie May, who served in World War 1, and suffered an injured arm in one battle. Coincidentally he also used to be a hairdresser before he was conscripted. A picture of him is in my book 'Survival'


Do you always see/hear/sense spirits or are you able to switch off ?

It took me years to be able to learn how to switch on and off, it used to really get me down having this constant drone of voices in my head. In the day, I'm just a normal guy working in the office, sorting our adverts, contracts, booking hotels etc, but as soon as I go on stage and start the introduction, we're off! Sometimes I'll be in a pub or restaurant, and voices come through more or less demanding I pass on a message to someone (which I do but its very embarrassing - its all very well people coming to see me, because they want to, but for me to approach them in a pub is a little strange).


Do pets cross over ?

yes, pets cross over and come through all the time. Naturally its not the pets talking to me as people often assume (and then take the Mickey). They are brought by a relative who has passed over. Sometimes people are more emotional when a pet comes through than a person!


Are you the same in death as you are in life, personality, characteristics etc ?

100% the same when you pass on. If you're mother in law was a cantankerous old boot when she was alive, she will be when she's passed over! All your traits and quirks go with you. It's when you get there you may wish you could have changed things when you were alive as you can see the 'whole picture' when you're over. Certain things are meant to be, and some things aren't. For all we do on the earth, its all part of a massive jigsaw that we cant see, but eventually all the pieces fit together. You often have to go through a bad time, to reach a good time. Its hard at the time, but eventually it all makes sense.


Do you think that the rapid influx in paranormal related television programmes has damaged or helped in the work that you do ?

I think generally it has helped in as much as it has brought spiritualism to a broader audience, and it generates more interest in the churches too. Interest has grown steadily over the years, and people visit mediums etc who never would have dreamed of it before. Of course, there's the risk it becomes too frequent on TV, and people can consider it 'light entertainment' and don't see the joy and relief it brings to people.


What do you think of the newly proposed laws that are going to be forcing mediums and psychics to only advertise their services as “for entertainment purposes only” ?

Brilliant news! There are a some people out there, like in any profession, who simply want to jump on the bandwagon, make money and con people. Its life. I am pleased that the law has come in, it will protect us mediums out there who are completely genuine, AND it will protect the innocent people who fall victim to fraudsters. The only thing I disagree with is the fact that we have to use the word 'entertainment' in our advertising.


Did you receive any help and guidance when you realised that you had a gift ?

yes, I had help from my local spiritualist church, they encouraged me to open up and explore the gift that I had. It took a blooming long time, but it has been well worth it.


What advice would you give to someone just realising their own mediumistic ability's ?

Perhaps have a chat with someone who is already working as a medium - I get asked frequently after my demonstrations how people can develop themselves. Visit several spiritualist churches and get a broader view of how spiritualism works, development circles, open circles. Simply relax, don't get too stressed about it, if you push too hard sometimes it wont happen. Take it easy, get comfortable with the notion of what you are doing, it will help people.


What was the most memorable moment while connected?

the most memorable one I can remember is years ago at Tamworth Assembly Rooms. I was talking to a gentlemen, giving all the messages from a lady, and it was all correct, a wonderful message. The gentleman came up to me afterwards, and it turns out I had been speaking to Terry Stokes in the audience, and I had been passing a message on from Doris Stokes, amazing.


Would you be willing to work alongside R.i.P.A  in the future, be it for investigation purposes or research into mediumistic abilities?

possibly, as long as I have time, then I see no reason. I do work 26 nights a month, 10 months of the year, but we'll see!!


Once again thank-you for taking the time to speak with us.

You can find out more about Steven Holbrook through his website at :


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