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Mia Dolan

Posted by Cally on Thursday, February 12, 2009 Under: Psychics / Mediums


Mia Dolan was born on the isle of Sheppey and has been a psychic for over twenty years. Mia has had a lot of tragedies in her life including the tragic and early death of her son. However she found some comfort in her psychic ability's, her spirit guide, Eric, and helping others with readings.
Mia is know one of the UK's most renown female psychics and the star of tv programmes such as haunted homes. Mias accuracy in her ability has also been used by the police in criminal investigations such as the murder of crime watch presenter, Jill Dando, and of Rachel Nickell.
Here Mia gives R.i.P.A  an insight into how her ability's work and answers some questions posed by the R.i.P.A  team.


Thank you for taking the time to speak to RiPA about what you do.

First off, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am 47 years old and have been involved in this work since I was 22, I am classed as a psychic as that covers most areas of the paranormal, and I think its important that I am not attached to one religion as they are all roads to the same place.


When did you first realise that you were able to connect with spirits?

It started when I was 22, but took a few years to come to terms with the fact it was spirits that I could hear and see and not me going mad


Are you clairaudiant, clairvoyant, clairsentient or one of the lesser known 'Clair' variants?

I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, I have the ability to do psychometry, and mediumship. There are probably more that I can do but have never been asked to list my skills before


How do you connect with the spirits ?

Sometimes I see spirits as clear as I see anyone alive, other times I just hear, and mostly they are in my mind, on my memory screen, but at all times I can never make them do anything only wait to see what they are going to say, or do


Do you have a spirit guide, if yes please could you tell us a bit about him/her ?

My spirit guide is Eric, and I have only had this 1 guide and I first heard him when I was 22, and unlike most other mediums I have spoken to he doesn't give me information just helps me look or listen in the right way


Do you always see/hear/sense spirits or are you able to switch off ?

I don't switch off as such, but I do ignore a lot of what I see if it is not the right time or place, so my best skill is the ability to shut of what I don't wish to work


Do pets cross over ?

I know pets cross over as I pick them up a lot but they do not speak to me, so they don't suddenly get a voice


Are you the same in death as you are in life, personality, characteristics etc ?

Your personality is exactly the same when you go home, only fear and anger is gone, there is also a sense of knowledge which I believe is because they understand that which we cant while here on earth

Do you think that the rapid influx in paranormal related television programmes has damaged or helped in the work that you do ?

I do think the new interest in the media for anything paranormal is a double edged sword. It is very frustrating when watching something on the box which anyone with any real knowledge would know is rubbish, but it is bringing it into mainstream media which has taken decades to achieve, and I believe the general population is being slowly introduced to the fact it could be real, so that when evidence is finally shown the impact wont scare the general population to much


What do you think of the newly proposed laws that are going to be forcing mediums and psychics to only advertise their services as “for entertainment purposes only” ?

I think I may be the first psychic taken to court as I can not say I am doing an entertainment show, for God's sake we are dealing with bereaved people and I have no intention of making them feel like the stars of some sick reality show. I do think the law needs tightening up but it would be more sensible to regulate it on a morale code, at least that would be workable.


Did you receive any help and guidance when you realised that you had a gift ?

When I was suddenly afflicted with the Gift I when to the NHS to get rid of it as I didn't believe in anything like this nor did I know anyone who was into this work, after about 14 months I was told I was sane but strange and left to get on with it. I was thrown out of many development groups and told many times I was to young but that didn't help as I hadn't asked for any of this. Finally it was my Guide who taught me, and now I am working towards opening a permanent psychic school, so all who go through what I did would have somewhere to go

What advice would you give to someone just realising their own mediumistic ability's ?

When your sixth sense first starts to awaken you will have an itch you cant scratch and anything to do with the paranormal will draw your attention, even the silly ones as you will feel that you just might find what you are looking for but the reality is the answers are inside you, what your looking for is to harness your sixth sense. Lastly don't analyse any experiences, just keep a log and you will see patterns and in those patterns your path will show itself


What was the most memorable moment while connected?

The most powerful moment I have experienced was after my son had died and I was not going to work in this field again, I had forgot to cancel a lady who drove a long way to see me for a reading, I did the reading and in the middle of this I suddenly saw her dead daughter, so amazingly clearly, and she showed me what her place in heaven was like and I had total contact for about 20 minutes which is unheard of, she told me so many things about her family etc but that was not the amazing thing for me it was seeing her place in heaven and knowing that my son was in a similar place. The lady I had done the reading for didn't know my son had died and as she left she cuddled me and said I would never know how much I had helped her, and as I watched her walk towards her car I thought she would never know how much she had helped me as were her daughter was so was my son and the terrible pain she had felt was the same as my pain, and I realised it was an honour to touch someone's live at there darkest hour and give them the light to find there way home

Would you be willing to work alongside R.i.P.A  in the future, be it for investigation purposes or research into mediumistic abilities?

I would always be open to working with your group, as long as it doesn't conflict with the morals I try to work under, I do not agree with phone readings nor email and text readings but if that is not a problem for you then please just ask when something comes up


Once again thank-you for taking the time to speak with us.
You can find out more about Mia Dolan through her website at:

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