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Mark Webb

Posted by RiPA Rep on Monday, August 3, 2009 Under: Misc

A familar face in the paranormal TV world from shows such as 'Famous and Frightened' and 'Haunted Homes'.
Mark has seen many things and worked with many Mediums, most of which he had no issues with, that was until he started working on 'Living With The Dead'.

Recent developments has caused Mark to leave LTWD and move on with what he wants to do.
However, LWTD claim they had to sack Webb, but Webb states that he had left due to the shows dishonesty.
RiPA catches up with Mark to get to find out what really happened.

1, Why did you feel that you needed to inform people of the fact that the mediums on the show were being fed information by the production staff ?


I am like many people, I hate being lied to. I always said that if I discovered something was faked I would expose it.




2, Was this an isolated incident or did this happen on a regular basis ?


I have more than one of these emails. I am keeping these to myself as more info should this go to court. I don’t want people to know what I have until they need to.




3, In your capacity as a paranormal investigator, How much of the show was scripted and how much was genuine ?


None of my parts were scripted but I was not treated in the same way as the mediums. They were taken for dinner on every shoot when I was taken out once.




4, What are your views of mediums that are willing to contribute to the good viewing  aspect of television shows by participating in duping the viewers ?



I hate them. They are not giving anything to the paranormal community other than to fuel the sceptics. Once they are proven to have lied about one thing it throws everything else into question.



5, Now that you have exposed this show, Do you think that this may have effected or jeopardised any future involvement in television shows ?


No. I have never asked to appear in any show and that isn’t the reason for my involvement in the paranormal, it is a hobby to me.




Thank-you for answering our questions, RiPA wishes you all the best.

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