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The Marmite World of RiPA

October 12, 2011
So it starts again, more hate mail, more claims that people can prove abilities beyond this world. More notices of 100% proof that Homeopathy works. Even people that we thought were supporters have turned.... oh well.

Do we really care? In a word NO!
Love us or hate us, we are here to stay!
Here at RiPA we have much more bigger things to deal with than petty squabbles and playground politics.

Which brings me to mention the expansion and growth of RiPA. Over the years RiPA has done plenty of TV work and no, I don't mean some 2-bit Most Haunted/TAPS rip off either.

The programs we have worked on are highly interesting on a more academic front and comes away from all the bullshit TV paranormal. Ok, so you're probably thinking: 'Of course you'd say that, You are RiPA'. but no, really, we confront the woosters out there, We go face to face against the charlatans and frauds.
This is perhaps the one most important factor as to why RiPA is so disliked out there.

So when are you guys and gals in the real world gonna get to see some of this? Real soon!.
RiPA have just recently received a shipment of high-end studio production cameras and filming has practically started again.
What shows are we going to bring you? 

Ah, well, Obviously I cannot say too much but 'Spirit - Level' will return. Its had a complete make-over and set design so expect more healthy and loud debates. We have already arranged many duels for the new series.

Also on the cards is 'RiPA Confronts...' The title says it all. RiPA will be knocking on the doors of businesses and people who claim that their product can do something totally marvellous and out of this world. This includes Psychics, Homeopaths, Reflexologists etc. Now please let me add that we are not going on a 'Witch Hunt'. The places and people we will be visiting shall be the ones who have cause to be investigated, much as it is now really, but with this show, you get to join RiPA as we expose the frauds. 

All places and folks that we visit will get the opportunity to put their case forth in a fair way. So dont worry, there will be no underhand tactics. Also we will have undercover surveillance as camera fitted RiPA's get appointments to get right to the heart of what really goes on. So Psychics, Tarot readers, Mediums and anyone else who is charging a fortune for their unproven claims, watch out. We have already acquired recordings of several charlatans failing at what they do.
We also have an appointment with a certain Psychic next week. This will be interesting.

If you have a story to share or know of someone who should come under the RiPA Radar, please drop us a line @ letting us know what happened and why they should be investigated.

Only a quick update this time folks. 
Please keep your stories and photos coming and we look forward to hearing from you on the forums:

No More Playing.....

September 7, 2011
So now we're back from Margam and ready for business.
But first lets have a little talk about the beautifully built building that is Margam Castle in Port Talbot, Wales.

On arrival to the location, a certain atmosphere fell across the area where we were to spend the next 10 hours.
Was this due to other-worldly happenings?
Naaaah, Its just the impressively imposing building that stood before us. It really is a sweet looking building and it is every horror fan's dream location. 

Inside you are greet...
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The Beauty Of Margam Castle & The Baby Psychic

August 17, 2011

Hey folks. Well its been a while since our last update but as always, busy times call for small sacrifices.
The Evita Seance at RiPA HQ went without a hitch. The routines went well and although the Seance failed to get the proposed results, the sitters all had a good time and did experience some sensations.

We are working on the Seance already so keep your eyes peeled for details on that.

In the meantime, let me introduce you to Margam Castle. A beautiful Manor house/castle set in the countrysi...

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