Will Harry Houdini Say Hi To RiPA?

Posted by Atticus on Saturday, June 12, 2010

So while most of the UK if not the world will be watching some game involving balls tonight. RiPA will be out contacting Harry Houdini!

Some RiPA's may like the sport of Football, or for our American buddies, 'Soccer', But I personally dont.
My sport of choice is the only one worth watching and that is MMA, with the leading brand known as UFC. (Ultimate Fighting Championship). Speaking of which, although its World Cup time for you 'normal people' out there, on Sat 12th June it UFC 115, Chuck Liddell vs Rich Franklin.

And what a match-up that will be. Two of my personal favs and best in the world fighters go toe to toe.

Who am I vouching for? I have no idea! Just looking forward to watching a good fight between the two.

Anyhow, rather than turn this update into something better suited in a sports page i'll get back to our deceased friend, Harry Houdini.

Im sure I dont need to educate you on who Houdini is or what he was famed for so instead i'll just give you a brief summary of why, on June 12th (day of World Cup 2010, South Africa and UFC 115 - Liddell vs Franklin)
RiPA are jaunting down to London in a quest to meet the old fellow and say 'Hi'.

Every year from 1927 until 1936, Harry Houdini's widow Bess held a seance to attempt to make contact with her deceased husband. Shortly before his death Houdini had made a pact with Bess; if he could, he would return from the other side of the veil and communicate with her. Sadly, despite holding a seance every Halloween for 10 years, Harry Houdini did not come through.

Following a very special invite, on the evening of June 12th, in a special location, RiPA and the guys at the
Victorian Seance Company attempt to succeed where Bess failed - RiPA and co will attempt to bring through the spirit of the great Houdini!

The evening is limited to strictly 22 guests and will begin with the playing of a recording of Bess Houdini's final seance from 1936. This will be done with only a single candle illuminating a darkened room and is a very eerie experience indeed. We will then attempt communication with the spirit of Harry Houdini through glass moving (glass divination) and table tipping. The final hour of the evening will be set aside for a genuine seance in the pitch black. We will sit in a circle, hold hands, and utter those immortal words: "Harry? Are you there? Step forward and communicate with us..."

On a different topic now we will revisit a social experiment that has been in the RiPA pipeline for sometime.
It has now got a name, it will be known as 'LOCKDOWN!' More on this real soon.
We will be asking for volunteers to take part in this.
The project will be a weekend event so volunteers will need to allow for this. You will also need to meet a certain criteria to be accepted. All these details and more will be put on site soon.
RiPA are pleased to have the assisstance of a certain Prof of Psychology in on this project and look forward to getting it under way.

On the subjects of projects, We are STILL running our
'Test the Mediums'. All you people out there with Psychic ability, please come forward. Everyone who has attempted to take part has pulled out. This is not helping the reputation of you 'gifted' folk. Vist our Social Experimentspage to find out more on this. 
The RiPA 'Psychomanteum' project is still going on. So feel free to volunteer for that too.
No special criteria is needed to take part in our 'Psychomanteum' project except for the desire to contact a passed one.

As always, keep your mails and photos coming in. Send to the usual address --->
ADDENDUM: After a shuffle within the RiPA ranks, we have places for new RiPA's to come aboard the RiPA train. Email us at ---> join@ripaonline.co.uk

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