UK vs USA: Wheres more haunted?

Posted by Atticus on Monday, March 28, 2011

Oh dear, it seems our last blog :Belief in the Paranormal or Pseudoscience had upset some people.
I received a fair bit of mail stating how readers [believers] were unhappy that the article said they were not of sound mind and are incapable of making their own decisions.

My advice to them was to re-read the article. RiPA were not calling anybody inferior nor delusional. The article was raising aware of what SOME SCIENTISTS are working out and that the conclusion they came to was that people '...MAY have trouble distinguishing fantasy from reality...'
So now thats cleared up lets talk about something a bit more light-hearted.

After receiving a rather pleasant email regarding haunted locations, I was inspired to try and find out what country is allegedly more haunted. Us in the UK or our state-side cousins across the pond in USA?
A recent poll found that Americans beat the UK in people who believe in the paranormal but could this be due to the fact that America has a more religious foundation?

Now I am not going to get into any correlation on religion vs paranormal, save that for another day or even discuss it on our forum.

So what place has more? Impossible to say really. not without going through every book that documents alleged hauntings which cover both the UK and the USA. A long task as you can imagine.

But what is out there? Lets check them out:


Bell Witch Cave - Adams, Tennessee
In Tennessee’s Robertson County, a local farmer by the name of John Bell and his family were the victims of a haunting between 1817 and 1821. The haunting spirit was exposed as “Kate Batts,” a former neighbor of Bell who had gotten into disagreements with him over transactions involving purchased slaves. The haunting that victimized the Bells entailed extreme violence against the family, knocking and scratching noises, and the manifestation of scary creatures and also voices.

Hellfire Caves - Wycombe -
The most seen ghost at Hellfire Caves is Sukie, a local girl who was murdered here. A chambermaid at the local George and Dragon, she longed to marry into the gentry and spurned the advances of the local boys, eventually accepting a proposal from a wealthy local man. One night, she received a note asking her to meet him in the caves so that they could elope. Arriving in her wedding dress, she discovered that the local boys had sent the note and were waiting for her. A fight erupted, stones were thrown and she died in the passages fro a blow to the head.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium - Louisville, Kentucky - Waverly Hills Sanatorium’s history was that it was a hospital facility for tuberculosis. The hospital treated its patients savagely, and due to a lack of antibiotic treatments, 64,000 patients died before streptomycin was finally discovered in 1943. The site has seen its share of frightening voices, eerie apparitions, and its most famous spook: An older woman who has been spotted running around in blood-soaked chains.

Lawn Asylum - Lincoln -
Built as the The Lawn Lunatic Asylum in 1820 by Reverend Doctor Willis, this fantastic and very grand building has certainly seen it's fair share of history, inmates and reported hauntings!

Winchester Mansion - San Jose, California - The Winchester Mansion sits in San Jose and is the result of Sarah Winchester looking for guidance from a medium after losing her kid. After seeing the medium, Winchester was convinced that she had to build her mansion as a maze in order to confuse the spirits she believed were coming after her. The mansion features 160 unfurnished rooms, and one of the ghosts said to be roaming the grounds is Winchester’s.

Woodchester Mansion - Cotswolds - Outside of the building there have been sightings of ghosts of Roman Soldiers marching with what can only be described as the headless horse. There are documented hauntings including a Roman Centurion who patrols the Colossal Iron Gates. The building is seemingly protected by grotesque Gargoyles who leer from above. You will thoroughly enjoy a Ghost Hunt here in this ghostly atmosphere.

Inside the house there are some very shocking discoveries. A TV team discovered that there had been several murders committed at Woodchester Mansion, one of which includes a servant girl who was strangled. The grim discovery of these murders was not suprising to the Psychic Mediums investigating the Mansion.

This listing could go on and on and on so we'll bring it to a stop there. Just want to give a huge shout-out to
KYLE for his assistance on the American locations.

Ok, so the above was only a short instance of a few similar locations between here in the UK and our American friends. Maybe one has more locations than the other? Maybe we'll never know.

If you do happen to know of a location, well known or otherwise, please feel free to let us know. Either mail us at or get over to our forum by clicking here and share your knowledge.

On the next update we bring news of a TV deal and some interesting experiment results involving mineral water!

Till next time folks.