UFO's Go Posh!!

Posted by RiPA Rep on Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thats right. it seems that our space dwelling cousins 
have tired of visting the remote farm places and trailer park in the good old US of A and have decided to up their standards..... well, according to the taker of this picture anyhow.

The picture of the flying shape was clicked hovering over the house at Hatfield, or Hatfield House even, near Welwyn Garden City.

It was Chris Middleton, of Welwyn, who snapped the mystery object during a a visit to the Jacobean house and garden, the home of the 7th Marquess of Salisbury and a location the RiPA's would be interested to research..... hmmmmm.

"It made no noise and I didn't see it until I put the image on my computer. If you sharpen the image and zoom right in you can see it's no normal aircraft and you can see a red heat source behind it," the Telegraph quoted him as saying. So can you see what the fuss is about??Yep, thats it, look at the top right corner....see that speck?? thats it!

"I think it's impossible for there not to be something like that out there - the universe is so vast. He had the intriguing image examined by professional photographers - and none of them could explain it," he added.

RiPA's friend and renowned parapsychologist, Richard Wiseman, says  "It's very difficult to tell what it is because it is tricky to know how far the object is from the camera. I guess that it could be a bird or a paraglider in the distance, or a small piece of dust or debris very close to the lens. Either way, I don't think Hatfield House should be bracing themselves for a close encounter of the third kind quite yet."

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