Times are changing

Posted by Atticus on Wednesday, May 23, 2012
It is quite hard work in this day and age to maintain a website such as RiPA. I have been in this field for well over a decade now and I have seen many changes. The ain one being social interaction within the paranormal niche.

Once upon a time a forum on site such as RiPA would've been hustling and bustling. Alas, this is no more thanks to the likes of Facebook and Twitter. 

As a result of this our online forum has been closed but will remain on site and online for reference.

This may detract from some of our visitors and interaction but there is no point keeping it going when we are down to less than one post a day.

However, we are on Facebook. Search for us using RiPA.online or just click this link. This will take you to our FB wall where you can join in the discussions there

Ok, so we are a bit late moving to and using FB for RiPA but hey ho we are there now. So hit us up as we post news and thoughts from the world of the paranormal. 

So what is happening in the realms of RiPA. Well, as you can see from our previous update we have been working hard on a project that due to contractual reasons we cant say too much but it has kept us busy. 

Due to this project taking up so much time, RiPA has been slacking! But now is the time to climb back up and be where we rightly deserve!. 

As a result of this 'shift', We are opening our doors up again to potential RiPA's. So if you have an interest in the Paranormal, critical, Thinking, Skepticism or anything else similar then drop us a line at admin@ripaonline.co.uk.

We will be taking new members on over the next two weeks so if you think you have what it takes to be a RiPA then get in touch and we shall send you the details.

Till next time folks.