The Unhaunted Land of The UK

Posted by Atticus on Tuesday, November 15, 2011

An old video from years gone by with the animated form of Moe, Curly, and the other dude, Larry. Ok, so what has a cartoon got to do with RiPA? 
Well, as you could probably tell, the title was 'The Unhaunted House'. An unusual title considering the word 'Unhaunted' isnt heard very much at all. All we seem to hear is '..This place is the Most Haunted location in __[enter county here]___ '.

Well we at RiPA here have some news for you. You know that £70 ticket you paid for the other night to go on a 'Ghost Hunt'? The chances are you will not see any ghosts. You will not actually 'hunt' for them either. The place that you'll be visiting more than likely has no documented evidence of actual discarnate souls coming to say hi.
At best what you'll be presented with is some Medium/Psychic reeling off spiel about how some spirit is around her/him and is drawn to a couple of people in the crowd. he Psychic/Medium will then go on to plant seeds, 'Can you feel it getting cold?', 'What's that to the left of your arm?'.
Then it begins, the Psychic/Medium show. Everyone will sit around in dark rooms, listening to the Psychic/Medium's cue.

From here on, nothing much changes. Take away the Psychic/Medium and you are left with the paying public who so want to experience something, see something, feel something. They paid a small fortune to have this night so they should by rights be entitled to get what they paid for. But how many really get the ghost?

Judging by recent reports at RiPA HQ. Very few! What is the reasoning of this? Well the obvious few would be because ghosts dont exist, theres no such thing as the afterlife, when you're dead, you're dead.....

Ok ok, perhaps thats too cynical of me. Well how bout this one. You probably wont get your ghost because the place you are visiting is not actually haunted? Let me explain a bit more.

There has been a sudden surge of 'new' locations appearing on the ghost hunting map. Bunkers, buildings in state of disrepair, struggling businesses, decrep...... Whats that? Did I just say struggling businessess? 
Yes, yes I did. Places out there need funding. So what better way than to offer an alternative? There are literally thousands of amateur ghost hunting groups out there so it make good business sense to tap into the market.
Most Haunted sparked off the recent surge so this is another avenue for locations. Get on TV, Have the Most Haunted crew fake some ghostiness, charge exorbitant rates to people who want to come for the ghosts. Brilliant profit margin.

So what is my point here? My point is I see every day new claims of 'evidence; at places that have no need to have such a thing. For example; Kelvedon Hatch, a fascinating Bunker in Essex. Excellant Museum, it really is. If you get the chance to visit then do so. It has been used in many movies and TV shows and remains quite true to how it was. But is it haunted?
Hell no. I say that with good authority. My own! I have done several experiments and tests at this location but there has NEVER been anything anomalous. Nothing that cant be put down to rational explanation or science. But still ghost hunting groups will bill this place as ' The most haunted location in the UK ' or something similar. It really isnt. Listen to the Psychic/Medium as they walk around, picking up cold spots and plucking names from nowhere, I have been in this field for many years and it makes me chuckle to see some of the tripe some ghost hunters come out with.

So RiPA are currently compiling ' The Most Unhaunted ' list. This will be made up from locations RiPA have visited.
Places that seem to have no need to be haunted, locations that have no history to be haunted. 
Use this as a guide to protect your funds.
Sure some groups will give you an interesting night. This usually reflects in the pricing structure.
The lower the price, the more genuine the team could be.

Remember, Paranormal Research is NOT the same as ghost hunting.

Till next time folks.