The Paranormal Channel & Derren Brown Ep 3

Posted by Atticus on Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sky Channel 201 is known as the Paranormal Channel and this is the brain child of Living TV's Most Haunted hosts, Karl Beattie and Yvette Fielding. RiPA are not a fan of these guys for many reasons, but even more so now.
Recently, they have been screening a show called
'The Great Unexplained Debate'.

This is hosted by Karl and he talks to guests about subjects to do with the Paranormal. Ok, so why am I writing about them and bringing this show to attention? Let me tell you. RiPA has its own debate show, called
'Spirit : Level', This show will be on site shortly as soon as some teething problems are smoothed out. RiPA has been doing this show for years now but only this year we decided to make it main-stream. RiPA filmed it in a studio at beginning of the year but due to a situation that i wont go into here, the studio put the project on hold. this spurred RiPA to host it as an internet only show.

'Spirit : Level' is a debate show where paranormal teams or people with beliefs bring their evidence to prove to skeptics, and the public, that the afterlife, UFO's, Loch Nessie etc, exist.
This is hosted by RiPA Atticus who keeps the debate balanced.
Anyway, not so long ago, RiPA wanted to try and take
'Spirit : Level'back to the TV screens so an email was sent to Antix, Karl and Yvettes production studio's, with the suggestion of them hosting 'Spirit : Level' on the paranormal channel as the programes on there are either old films or rehashed documentry's on repeat.

The mail didnt go into complete detail, but mentioned briefly about the debate issues and the panel. RiPA heard nothing back, but lo and behold, about a month after the mail was sent, The 'Great Unexplained Debate' was aired. It was as if it was a quick filming job as the sound was terrible and camera was not great. So it seemed like a case of, 'oh quick, lets get it on air'.

So has the Paranormal Channel ripped an idea from RiPA? until RiPA hears different, it certainly seems so.
'Spirit : Level'is a better show though as it gives a more balanced and informed argument to both side of the cases. Look out for it soon.

Derren Brown was on again with 'How To Be A Psychic Spy'.
Are we all Spies now?

Unfortunately no. As I understand, there wasnt really much to report back on this show except it was a case of the obvious rather than Wow! The highlight was possibly the introduction to Remote Viewer Dr Wayne Carr as he takes on a challenge from Derren to psychically divine a chosen location. With a name like that he's gotta have something going for him!

Unfortunatley, I didnt catch the show myself as I had to attend a funeral, but I will catch up with it at the next RiPA meet.

This Friday, 02/10/09, episode 4 and the final one of Derren Brown: The Events -  is 'How To Beat The Casino', Derren attempts to beat the odds at roulette, but there is a twist. Someone in the UK is about to get a big surprise as, live on television, they become the unwitting accomplice in Derren's mission to take down a casino. Wonder if it'll be any of the RiPA's?

As usual, the RiPA's will be
hosting live chat sessionin the RiPA Chatroomfrom 21:00 GMT Friday on The Events so would be nice to see you there and to hear your experiences during the show.... the trailer for this episode is below:

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