The Ghost Detector To End All Ghost Detectors

Posted by RiPA on Saturday, February 7, 2015
That's right folks, finally it's here... well, in the making anyway. As we know, a lot of ghost detection gadgets are pretty nonsensical. They are usually created with some pseudoscience theory that was dreamt up by our lovely stars of paranormal TV shows. I still stick fast to the concept that anything billed as a 'Ghost Detector' is bunkum. My reasoning? Well, you cant build a detector for something;that is yet to be detected.It really is that simple folks.

A true gadget of measurement or detection needs calibration and tuning in order to get the result.So without having a ghost locked in a Paranormal Containment Research Tank in some converted firehouse then that calibration and tweaking ain't gonna happen.

But nevermind about the boring science part, what about the goodies? Ok, Ok, one of the latest things to join the never-ending list of ghost hunting gear is the 'GhostArk'. This little gem must be the real thing as it is made by Ghost Hunters.

There's no denying, it does look good and has many features.But us at RiPA have used individual equivalents of what this unit contains and have still yet to bring anything remotely ghostly to the table.

Could it work? Well, it could give readings and maybe some false positives. The science behind it is not disclosed as of yet.The unit contains an EMF meter, EVP recorder, temperature sensors, 'Ghost Box' (which is basically a radio that sweeps the airwaves as oppose to locking on a station), Night Vision (lights) and some other funky utilities.

All that being said, the main problem at the moment is it is yet to be built. The guys are hoping to have a build ready by May. But at the hefty price tag of $199, I don't think RiPA will get the opportunity to put it through its testing although we would happily receive a donated model for our studies.

At the end of the day, will it work? Who knows. Personally I think it will be a funky gadget that looks the part but will provide very little in the study of the paranormal as all the things that this unit can do are already being utilised and as I said earlier, there is no conceivable proof that any of the features contained in the GhostArk actually provide proof of the paranormal.

If you ever get to use one though, we would love to hear your thoughts on it.
Get your GhostArk here

Till next time folks.

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