The End Of The Year is Near....

Posted by Atticus on Saturday, December 19, 2009
So as another year draws to a close, You would of thought RiPAwill hang up their jackets and take some time off over the festive period. Alas, no such chance! Instead we are already making plans for the upcoming months. First off is the Charity gig with M&S and TVAAC, the location for that event is very very atmospheric and of course allegedly very very haunted.
Will discarnate souls join us on the night of 16th January? Who knows, keep tuned to find out more.

Ok Ok, I hear ya, so whats with the '
GOREZONE' logo above? Well let me tell you, in the new year RiPAhope to be teaming up with 'GOREZONE' on their yearly event of 'The Weekend Of Horror'. More news on this real soon.

Not only will
RiPAbe working with 'GOREZONE'
but we also hope to get a series of programes
to do with the paranormal comissioned hosted by the one and only
Emily Booth. If plans come to fruitition then its already looking like its going to be a huge year for RiPA.

For those who dont know,
Emily Boothis the UK's hottest scream queen and the voice of Zone Horror.
Not only is she the voice of horror but has also appeared in a number of them; Evil Aliens, Doghouse, Pervirella, Cradle of Fear and Inferno. No doubt she has alot more to come. And yes, I am along time avid admirer...I mean watcher....I mean stalk.......*ahem*....

Anyhow, talks are going on in regards to the project so thats just another thing to keep coming back for.

So what else is happening in the new year? Well we will be hosting lots more public talks on subjects within the paranormal world, this will include 'Sleep Paralysis' 'Are We Programmed to Believe In Beliefs?' and a current study that im looking into is that of 'Why Reincarnation/Past-Life Regression May Actually Exist'.
These talks are open to the public so if you are interested sign up to our forums for the latest info.

So, thats about it for this update so from
RiPAto you at Xmas 2009, Below here lies a lovely gift for your eyes:

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