Site updates....

Posted by RiPA on Monday, January 7, 2013

It used to be with this site a weekly update and daily discussions on the RiPA forums. But as with most things, changes happen, trends change and things have to adapt to accommodate such happenings.

This is the case with this website. No more will there be weekly updates to the site but a more 'as and when' system. This means that sometimes there could be several updates in a day or consecutive days or there could even be a daily update. 
The thing is, when we get stuff in that is of importance, we will update the site there and then.
We feel this will help to keep the website current and hopefully increase our connection to you guys, our visitors.

You can stay in touch with our updates either by subscribing via RSS feed or on our Facebook page.
We are working had to implement changes to the site and are working on tons of new original content.

As for the video above, if you have been following RiPA for sometime then you'll know how we feel about Homeopathy. So to kick our 'love' for that 'art'  off in 2013, the video above is too good to let pass!

Till next time folks.