Shhhhh! New Projects Coming

Posted by Atticus on Sunday, April 15, 2012
Wow, has it been that long since our last update?
No surprise really as things have been pretty hectic here at RiPA HQ. Unfortunately I am unable to tell you loverly folks everything but just know that we have been working hard on a couple of projects. More on that later.

Recent times within the paranormal world have shown just what a fickle field it can be. All these team slagging one another off even though the end game is the same. 
Very much like religion I guess.
Wars and misery are caused because of some unfounded belief in a great sky person, but the sky person is pretty much the same amongst the mainstream religions. They just all have different takes and definitions on it all.

Ok, so the paranormal world may not cause wars on a grand scale but it sure can create a lot of conflict. 

'My K2 is better than your Cell Sensor'
'Our new Ion generator box will create more phenomenon than your Static charge generator'....

Examples like this are widespread. What these people should do is stop arguing, stop investing in something that concludes no irrefutable proof and work together. Yes, some teams are very open for working together and they do it quite graciously, but the majority let the minority down.

Whoops, I have digressed quite a bit. Back to RiPA. 
Now, many people have asked RiPA what do we do with our files and reports on cases or investigations?
First off, we do not put them on the RiPA website or on the internet full stop. 
They have a home here, at RiPA HQ. They are kept in chronologically dated black folders ready for reference when the time comes. RiPA are not a ghost hunting group. People tend to forget that. 
We don't put vast claims of this that and the other on our website in the hope we rise above our peers.
A lot of what RiPA do is kept behind closed doors. So at times it may seem that we are quiet..... although that maybe so, I can assure you that we are working very hard. Either studying a latest case of a haunting, investigating another person with claims of psychic power or even debating creationism with fundamentalists.

Please remember that RiPA is a Skeptical based organisation. By Skeptical, I don't mean cynical. If you make a claim, show us the proof. That's all we ask. We will assist you on experiments to show this to the world. We will be on your side and will accommodate your needs as best we can so that you are comfy in your surroundings.

Many people with such claims question why they should prove it. Our answer? Why not.
Surely it works in your favour. It will shut Skeptics up the world over. You passing a test could mean the re-writing of modern day science and psychology.  No longer will you be considered a con or a quack.

Which leads me nicely in to our next topic. 'Ring of Fire' (formerly known as Spirit-Level) will be coming to a screen near you in the upcoming months. This is RiPA's debate show where people get the chance to put their side of the claim across. We have many guests lined up ready to face the Skeptics. This show will have its own website where you will be able to apply and discuss the current show topic online.

Ok, last bit now. Urbexing... Urbexing is great. I have done a fair amount in my time but it seems that more and more recently, claims of paranormal activity are on the up with people who do this.
Could this be nothing more than the mind playing tricks as you enter a vacant decrepit building? 
Or is it discarnate souls wondering sadly around the forsaken property that used to be their beloved home?

RiPA have started a new project regarding Urbexing and spirits so we will be visiting a few of such sites to see what we can gather. Who knows, maybe you could join us on one.

Till next time folks.