RiPA Spends A Night With Nick Pope, Chris French, Steve Parsons and Nathalia Gjersoe

Posted by Atticus on Friday, October 30, 2009
Courtesy of Cafe Scientifique, RiPA was invited to a night of talks with some of the leading names in the world of the paranormal. 

From aliens and UFO's (UAP's now) to why the human mind sees faces everywhere. The night was a good informal avenue into the minds and thoughts of other people in the same field as RiPA.

The only bad bit was that it cost over £7 for a bottle of becks and a pint of beer! London Prices can stay in London!

So Nick Pope kicked things off first with his knowledge and tales
of when he was head of the MOD's UFO Project.
The Former Ministry of Defence employee investigated UFO sightings for the Department and talked about what he got up to in his old job, explaining why there may be more to the mystery than aircraft lights, Chinese lanterns and the planet Venus.
Also bringing to light that there may be more to the MOD than just UFO's as many officials have experienced the phenomenon of ghostly siteings. RiPA are currently working on a start of a major research project on paranormal phenomena within the military sector.
If you have any experiences of paranormal phenomenon within the military are, RiPA would love to hear.
Email us by clicking this.

It was then Chris French's time to take the floor. On the back of Nick's talk, Chris went into statistical data or how Alien abductions could be nothing more that the good old human brain playing tricks upon us.
Also blending in a few studies, past and present, that have been done into the world of paranormal phenomenon.

Speaking of studies, RiPA and French will be teaming up on a major social study dealing with the power of suggestion and the social background of the individual.
This project will be a stimulating and interesting look into how open the mind is to social expectations.
We hope to conduct this early next year. We are just waiting for it to be put through the ethics board at the BPS. So look out for this one as you will have a chance to get involved.

Next up was Steve Parsons, Head honcho of
Para-Science, ( Steve went into detail
on the modern day gadgetry of the 21st century 'Ghost Hunter'.
 He also went into some details on the EMF situation of paranormal study and was debating whether or not EMF detectors were actually any use. RiPA have their own thoughts on EMF's but we shall leave that for another paper. Let me just say that RiPA believe that EMF detectors do not detect ghosts but may detect
paranormal activity....

Next on the agenda was Infrasound and just how much paranormal activity is it responsible for. Well, according to Parson's, and following on from a project that was undertaken by Parascience, Infrasoundwas not as responsible for paranormal phenomenon as first thought. I could go into detail about the project but I wont just yet. RiPA hopes to work with Parascience on a larger project invloving infrasound and infrastructure. This plan is still in its infancy but we'll keep you posted on that.

Next up was the gorgeous Nathalia Gjersoe from Bristol University.
She went into detail about how it could be 'normal' to have supernatural belief and how the way that children intuitively make sense of the world might be the key. She also went into great detail on Faces Everywhere. The way that the human brain always tries to seek a face within chaos. Check out our
forumsfor more on the subject of faces in our Pareidolia section.
Theres alot more i wanted to talk to Nathalia about, but she had to shoot off early.

So, that sums it up for now. RiPA has lots planned for the new year and sure looking forward to completion of many projects. As always RiPA would love to hear your storys, experiences and look at your photo's that you feel maybe paranormal.
Email them to RiPA here.

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