Miz Cleo & RiPA Recruiting Volunteers For New Social Experiment

Posted by Atticus on Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Meet RiPA's latest recruit, Miz Cleo. By using her psychic powers she will tell you all you ever wanted to know. If you dont like what she said then you can always do what you've always wanted to do to an *annoying false psychic...

Now this weeks update is a little bit different from the norm as its more of an appeal. RiPA are looking for people within the Milton Keynes catchment area (Herts, Beds & Bucks) to take part in an extensive research project involving a custom built 'Psychomanteum'.

But just what is a 'Psychomanteum'? Dont worry, its not as scary as it may sound.
The psychomanteum is simply a dark, quiet room with a comfortable chair and a mirror. The participant is asked to relax and look into the mirror, which is placed slightly above the persons level gaze in such a way that the reflection shows the wall above and behind the persons head.

The Psychomanteum Experience

After a few minutes to a half-hour in the psychomanteum, people typically report that the mirror gradually transforms into a window, swirling clouds appear in this window, and then intensely vivid visions are seen through the window. On occasion, visions from the 'other side' of the window extend into the psychomanteum itself. These latter, three-dimensional visions, sometimes taking the form of humanoid apparitions, are often described as hyper-real, that is, as more intensely real than the reality experienced under ordinary consciousness.

An especially interesting aspect of visions induced by mirror-gazing is the autonomy of the image (Kelly & Locke, 1981). That is, these visions appear to be so utterly separate from the viewer that Myers (1903, V1, Ch 6) reports that occasionally an image can be examined in more detail under a magnifying glass. Some people report that these apparitions are accompanied by electrostatic sensations (prickling skin, hair standing up), changes in ambient temperature (typically extreme cold), or illumination anomalies (sparkling lights, whole room diffused with bright light) (Moody & Perry, 1993). The experience of seeing an apparition can also be endowed with feelings of profound meaning, leading to significant transformations of personality. These dramatic effects are reminiscent of phenomena associated with peak experiences and mystical states (Ludwig, 1966). In Roll's and Moody's experiments with the psychomanteum, about 50% of participants reported some form of experience with apparitions of departed spirits (Moody, 1994; Moody & Perry, 1993).
Other researchers report more modest results, with estimates ranging between 1 and 3 percent of the population (Kelly & Locke, 1981) up to about 25 percent (e.g., Newbold, 1895). Of those who do experience full-blown apparitions, many are deeply affected and become utterly convinced that the apparitions are genuine, independent spirits. These experiences are reportedly beneficial in helping to resolve cases of chronic grief, and of course, from the therapeutic perspective it does not matter whether the apparitions are real or imaginary.

So if you would like to get involved and learn more about the RiPA's Psychomanteum experience, drop RiPA a line at

Also, due to an in house shuffle, we have positions available for future RiPA's to fill. If you feel you have what it takes to be a RiPA and can commit to a few hours on a Tuesday night, drop us a line at admin@ripaonline.co.uktelling us a bit about yourself.

*NOTE: RiPA are not saying all psychics are annoying or false..... only the false annoying ones.

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