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Posted by Atticus on Monday, November 16, 2009

Its been a while since a RiPA update but things have been pretty hectic back at the RiPA Rectory.
With lectures and talks with APRU to working on new projects with various other sources, things have been piling up.

So, whats with the M&S logo? Dont worry, RiPA has not sold out, but we have struck up a deal working alongside M&S and their charity 'Air Ambulance: Berks I Oxon I Bucks' This will involve talks, visits and fundraising for the Air Ambulance.

This particular charity, known as 'The Thames Valley & Chiltern Air Ambulance Trust' (TVACAA) mission is to:

Assist in the provision of an air ambulance service.

Relieve sickness and injury.

Serve the counties of Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire .

TVACAA functions solely to raise the funds required to keep the helicopter flying.  We need £2 million to cover our annual running costs. The charity is not involved in tasking the helicopter or in its operation.

TVACAA was established in 1999 as one of six air ambulance charities sponsored by the Automobile Association (AA) for a period of three years. The charity itself was incorporated in 2000.
In January 2007, the base for the helicopter was relocated from White Waltham Aero Club near Maidenhead to RAF Benson in Oxfordshire.

In July 2008 they took delivery of the  EC135 Eurocopter, liveried in a distinctive red and yellow colour scheme, with the registration of G-HBOB reflecting the three counties it serves. So if you see it flying around you now know why!!

If you would like to donate to the charity, just click on the Air Ambulance logo above to go straight to their site.

Anyway, back to the world of the paranormal. So it happened, Derek Acorah DID make contact with
'The King Of Pop' Michael Jackson, in a so called 'live seance'. Let me just state here that the RiPA's attended an evening with a trance medium a couple of weeks prior to the seance, who clearly stated that Michael would not come through!
But Derek knows better and did, clearly reach MJ.......

Or so the viewing public were led to believe.
Now, throughout my time of being involved in the paranormal world, I like to see what really happened during seances and readings, especially more so with the lovely folk in the public eye. Sooooo it seemed only right to do this with the  Derek Acorah / Michael Jackson Seance.
transcript can be read hereand so can my notes on this show. I believe this to be the only transcript (at time of writing) on the net for this event. It is done in a step by step style, so fairly simple to follow. Now, let me state, RiPA are NOT a bunch of skeptics set on debunking everything, but more a team of trained critical thinkers. See if you feel the same.... The seance can be viewed on the RiPA video site here.

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