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Posted by RiPA Rep on Friday, August 28, 2009

The time has come for the RiPA's to gather up their gear and head south.
No, RiPA is not going on holiday to the sun,sea and se... sangria! But Sussex instead.

A lovely building bekons the RiPA's on the 28th August. Recent events includes Latin chants and punches to the face.

Henry VIII used Bolebroke when he went hunting for wild boar and venison in the nearby Ashdown Forest. Anne Boleyn, who lived at Hever Castle 5 miles away was courted by Henry VIII from there. 
The rooms within the Castle are preserved to a very high standard and still have the 16th Century furniture and trappings associated with that period. There is an Elizabethan staircase that is easily the finest in the country.

It is said that when you arrive at Bolebroke Castle you will be stepping back in time, almost like

< a time slip.
The atmosphere of Henry VIII’s reign still lingers in the building and you cant help but feel affected in someway by it.

There have been many ghosts seen here and many unexplained happenings. People staying here have heard screaming and howling. Some of it sounds happy whilst at other times the howling is full on anguish. Male voices have been heard grunting at visitors as they walk up the staircase. There is the figure of a woman, dressed in what appears to be nun’s clothing wandering around as if searching for something or could it be someone. It is thought that it may be her secret lover who came to a tragic end on the great staircase. Anne Boleyn was known to have frequented Bolebroke Castle on many occasions and her ghost has been seen many times walking through the Great Hall.

Feelings of being touched, atmospheric changes, light anomalies, whispering, tapping and scraping, these are all regular paranormal activities witnessed at this very haunted location.

So, will the RiPA's experience any of these alleged phenomena?
Join us in our
chatroom from 21:00 as we will be talking about the investigation while we're there.
Or alternatively read our tweets. You can find us under RiPA_Twitta or RiPAonline.

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