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Posted by Atticus on Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ok, so here we are again. After recent events, it seems that the time has come again to reiterate what RiPA is about and also to let you know about some of the changes that we have implemented within the RiPA brand.

RiPA - Research into Paranormal Anomalistics is fundamentally an educational research team. We take the showbiz out of the paranormal and bring it back down to Earth. To find out more about Anomalistics and the way RiPA works, check out our more detailed discription here ---->
(About RiPA) .

It was only recently when I last done an update explaining more about RiPA's beliefs and where the RiPA unit stands when it comes to the believer/sceptic argument. You can read that here --->
What exactly is RiPA?

So at a risk of repeating some of the things mentioned on the latter link, im going to use this quick update to make the RiPA brand clearer.

This has come about due to people joining RiPA expecting a 'Most Haunted' experience. Unfortunately to those guys, we dont roll that way.

Before you think about becoming a RiPA, Have a good look through our website. There is loads of unique and RiPA written
articles, ranging from Parapsychologyto famous peopleof the paranormal world.
By exploring the RiPA site you will start to see that we are far from any other run of the mill 'Ghost-Hunting' club. RiPA has connections with several Universities and academia folk who help us as we help them in various studies and talks. Some of these guys and gals have been kind enough to write for exclusively for RiPA.

When you join RiPA, you may be a bit confused as to our ethics. RiPA are skeptical of Skeptics and questionable about Believers. If the Skeptics and the Believers were to play a football (soccer) match, RiPA would be the pitch, the stadium, the turnstiles, the galleries etc. The crowd would be the Agnostics, the Atheists the Goths etc and all other manner of folk. Some adament that their beliefs are right and correct while others go in with an open mind awaiting to see what the outcome will be.

RiPA educates in a big way. At the weekly meets you can always be sure to discover something new regarding the paranormal or parapsychology or maybe just how the latest 'paranormal sighting' can be explained.

Using psychology, Critical Thinking Skills (CTS) and various other methods, RiPA takes the para out of the paranormal and replaces it with 'Oh yeah, I see now....'

Ok, so enough rambling, Whats the point here?
The point is RiPA does not bill itself on 'investigations' at the latest popular spot. Sure, RiPA will go there, but not to 'hunt ghosts' but more go there to see WHY the phenomena is happening. This could range from structural defects to dodgy wiring playing havoc with the brain.
Sure, if we get a ghost, GREAT! RiPA can retire as famed Ghost hunters who got the ghost. But until then, This is RiPA, We are RiPA and RiPA is RiPA!

However, its come to our attention that RiPA is not for everybody. Some people just want to go on the filed studies and not bother actually LEARNING about the paranormal or parapsychology. As a result of this, RiPA has released its new sub-group known as
'RiPA Hunters'.

RiPA Hunters is the part of RiPA that is open to all. If we are conducting an investigation that we open to the public, then this is your chance to attend. Forget about the academic side of RiPA. This is for you folks that just want a good, old-fashioned ghost hunt. You can find out more about the RiPA hunters by clicking the following link --->
RiPA Hunters.

Becoming a RiPA Hunter could'nt be simpler. All you need to do to become a RiPA Hunteris sign in using the account you already have on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Myspace etc, leave some details and we'll be in touch. Simples! ( ;o) tsk)

RiPA - Mixing good old-fashioned ghost hunting with todays academia.

'til next time folks..... 

Ps: Theres still room available to become a RiPA. Mail us ----> 

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