RiPA Goes To Prison...... and that Joe Power Bloke

Posted by Atticus on Tuesday, May 18, 2010
Thats right folks. For all RiPA's misdeeds it is finally time to repent so off to the slammer we go.
On Friday 21st May, the RiPA team will be venturing ooop t'north to venture deep into the past.

The place awaiting RiPA is said to be home to many an active ghost.
Is this true? 
Could RiPA finally gain some emperical evidence to prove ghostly phenomena exists?
Or will the guys and gals just discover how the gloomy atmosphere can create such visions?

If you would like to join us on this one, just get in touch by visiting our
'JOIN US'page.

Either way, its looks a lovely place to explore and as ever, try new techiques.

Also, RiPA may, just may, have a 'psychic' on board for this one.
'GASP' I hear you all cry. 'RiPA dont work with Mediums' I hear you all say. Let me just clarify this point, RiPA DO work with mediums as we find them fascinating.

In order to truly understand the thought process of mediumship, RiPA takes great interest in what they do and say. As most of you know, RiPA is more about the psychology of the paranormal as oppose to 'Ghost-Hunting'. So to help us understand the hows and whys of people with mediumlistic ability, We need to be able to work with them to study them.

What we do find however is that Mediums dont want to work with RiPA. Most say 'yes, yes, we would love to join you' but then they find out what RiPA is about and that back away.
The RiPA 'Test The Medium' project was designed in order to help make the life of Psychics and Mediums easier. The amount of bad press that such 'gifted' people are getting recently is tremendous, so surly, if you were working within that field, you would want to help prove to the world that what you have is genuine?

Thats the mindset anyway, so why is it that although RiPA have spoke to many, advertised the project in places where Mediums meet and have invited some well known ones, they all go into hiding?
In fact, RiPA even had a flyer defaced in a place where 'Circles' are held! This is NOT helping the case for Mediumship one iota!

This brings me on to super pornstar named psychic, 
Did you manage to catch the Derren Brown Investigates.... episode where he met up with Joe? What were your thoughts on that? Come let us know on our

Firstly though, you got to hand it to Joe to go up against somebody like Derren Brown. I watched it and I could see flaws on both sides. However, as is usually the case in situations like these, the jury was with Derren Brown.

Its not because he's super, nor is it because its the ' thing to do...', in fact, I personally find him fairly smug and annoying but do admire his techniques and genius, Its more to do with Joe's past.

As with the likes of Sylvia Browne and James Van Praagh, Joe has also claimed to work with the police. Metropolitan in fact. Quite impressive..... until you find out that this isnt actually true.
I dont want to turn this blogg into an article bashing psychics so if you want to know more about Joe, then get in touch with us at ask. Of course, maybe the police DID work with Joe Powers but just dont want to admit it?? Who knows.

Oh, one more thing to add, a HUGE shout out to one and all who attended RiPA's Castle investigation on the 7th May. It was a good night and I hope you all took some new found knowledge away with you.

Im going to wrap this update up now, but will leave you with a little something I discovered.
Colin Fry is currently touring on his new 'Free Spirit Tour'...... check out the white njote at the bottom.... hmmmm, so just WHAT is free about it?

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