RiPA Forum Rise From The Ashes & Next Investigation....

Posted by Atticus on Saturday, July 17, 2010
As some of you may have noticed, the RiPA forums have changed slightly.
This was due to workings totally out of RiPA's hands. The hosting company folded and without warning or prior notice, all forums, not just RiPA, were taken down. 
There is still no sign of justification, reason or apology.

Maybe RiPA should have kept in contact with Psychic Paul the Octopuss.
Perhaps he would've see it coming!

Unfortunately due to this happening, all members, posts and info relating to the forums have been lost with no chance of retrieval.
As you can imagine, this is not exactly a good situation to be in.

However, RiPA have worked hard to get a
new forumonline and it is live now.

With more features, better layout and more of a community feel,
RiPA Forumshave risen from the ashes like a Phoenix! All we need now is your help.

Please take a bit of time to sign up to the forums and help us fill it up to the caliber of the last one.

Moving on to better things, Friday 23rd July is the first investigation where RiPA &
RiPA Hunters come together.
Thats right,
RiPA Hunters!RiPA Huntersis the part of RiPA where the general public can sign up and be invited to ghost hunts without the commitment that being a full RiPA requires. You can sign up to us by following this link --->RiPA Hunters.

The investigation on Friday 23rd will take place at a Hotel in the district of Northamptonshire. 
This Hotel is a Grade II* listed building. Built in 1600's, the hotel is reputed to have provided accommodation to Oliver Cromwell and his officers prior to the battle of Naseby.

The alleged hauntings are abundant and RiPA can vouch that, on previous visits, strange things have happened. From EVPs to strange sightings, this place is certainly worth a visit.

Also due to a shuffle within the RiPA HQ, There are places to become a full time RiPA. Let us know your interest by getting in touch via the following link --->

This is just a quick update so hope to speak to ya'll soon ya hear!