RiPA is watching you!

Posted by Atticus on Monday, May 23, 2011
Ok, Im gonna cut straight to the chase here. 
RiPA HQ frequently receive emails about so called 'psychics'  that seem to be nothing more than just manipulative charlatans who are out to work on vulnerable people in order to earn some cold cash.

It seems that for every 'psychic' that gets outed, another four pop up in their place.

In the past, RiPA has confronted many so called 'psychics' and 'mediums' as well as many others whose claims are prone to investigation. This ranges from Homeopathy to mineral water companies.

We are very diplomatic in doing this.
The normal procedure would be to write a letter/email asking about the claims any if there is any empirical evidence to back this up. We will add a 14 day window to reply. If nothing is heard, further correspondance will be sent as a reminder.

When that fails, the outage and investigation begins. Lets concentrate on the 'psychic' world here for sake of blog. Oh, and when I say 'psychic', im meaning it as a collective for all associated to it eg: Mediums, Healers, Trance, Tarot etc. So, by now we have given said party a month to provide us with some evidence that their claim is genuine. If we hear nothing. The footwork begins.

We will seek out followers or clients of the 'psychic' and see if they are willing to speak about their experience. Most of the time, people are happy to share whether positive or negative. The positive ones take great comfort in shouting to the world that the reading they had was accurate, therefore life from beyond exists. The people with a negative experience are just as keen as they are dissapointed and want some form of compensation from the 'psychic'. 

Because of this, collating reviews is not such a hard job. We will also show up to the shows or events that the 'psychic' is hosting. We do this to experience first hand how the 'psychic' performs and study the ways in which they move, speak and act. Everything is noted. Its not just the show that we have our eyes on. We also take note of people in the foyer/bar prior to entering the arena/hall. In the past we have easily spotted stooges and stage-hands gaining information in an al-nateural way. All this evidence is then taken back to RiPA HQ and analysed. There is a bit more to it than just what I have described but it would be folly to go into complete detail.

Why do we do this? Well we feel is it part of the course that we have to do. On a personal level im not too fond of people who are out to make a quick buck by manipulating others by false claims.

I have a background in magic and illusion as well as psychology so i know how the mind works and how we can manipulate the ways in which people think. Yes, I have done some 'perfomance' shows, and yes, tickets were sold to cover costs. I know what you are thinking. I am taking money off of people who I am about to manipulate. Sure I am.... but there is a difference. People are coming to be entertained by me. People like to be entertained and if being fooled is part of their rosta, then so be it.

People do not come to me to hear from their loved ones. Grieving parents do not come to seek solace in words from beyond the grave. Distraught wives do not come to find out if their missing spouse is dead or alive only to be told the wrong answer.

'Psychics' are different. People go to them to seek piece of mind. They WANT to hear from their family or people associated to them. These people are also willing to pay. The 'Psychics' know this and will use it to their advantage.  Using one of or a combination of cold reading, prior knowledge, shotgunning and various other techniques that I will not go in to here, they manage to convince their audience that they are a conduit to the after-life. Some practioners out there charge a royal abomination of an amount. not just ticket prices for thier shows but also for private readings/sessions.

Im sure that like me, you would also like to the 'psychic' world cleared up. This is what RiPA aims to help do.
Now. It would be wrong of me to say that ALL 'psychics' out there are charlatans. Maybe there are some practioners out there that can REALLY make contact. RiPA are just yet to see this. But maybe you could help?
If you know of a psychic that appears to be the real deal then please, let us know. Just click on the following link --->
Psychic - with the relevant details, ie: name, website, area, reason etc and we'll be in touch with both you and the 'psychic'.

Maybe you know of some 'psychics' or other claims that need to be investigated, if this is the case, then let us know by clicking the following link ---->
Unpsychic - with the relevant details, ie: name, website, area, reason etc and as above we'll be in touch with both you and the 'un-psychic'. 

We currently have several on the go at the moment:
Steve Newton

SNU (Spiritualists National Union)

Phillip Kinsella 

Of course, if you have any info regarding the above mentioned, positive or negative, let us know by emailing us at :

Please understand that we have valid justifiable reasons to investigate such people/organisations.
Till next time folks.