New Season For RiPA

Posted by RiPA Rep on Sunday, January 8, 2017

Hey guys. Yep, we're still about even though the website may not have been!
2016 was a strange year for RiPA. not in a paranormal sense but in a more 'life' sense.
Many things happened but still no evidence came through to prove the spooks are out there.
We had worked on many projects, went out on a few studies and actually made friends!! yeah, for real! RiPA made friends!
So how is this year looking?

Well, fresh into 2017 and already the arguments have started. Not because of something we have sa...
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Bucks Most Haunted Pub?

Posted by RiPA on Sunday, September 6, 2015

So sorry for the delay in updating the site folks but life had once again got in the way.
From here on in we hope to at least update weekly so keep popping back for the latest run down. But for up-to-the-minute RiPA-ing, remember to visit and like our Facebook page.

Now on with the blog.
RiPA have just started a new project by the name of  'Buckinghamshire's Most Haunted Pub'.
So many pubs lay claim to a ghostly tale and a lot of them have the proclaimed accolade as being the most haunted pub in....

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Will The Lights Go Out For Us?

Posted by RiPA on Thursday, April 23, 2015

In the coming month or so, RiPA will be paying a visit to the house that this ghostly story apparently happened in.
So what is it all about and is there any truth to it?

To start things off, the following is taken from the website,

"Jean, Joe, Phillip (15) and Diane (12) Pritchard moved into Number 30 East Drive, Pontefract in August 1966.
Almost immediately, during the hot summer Bank Holiday, Phillip and his Grandmother first witnessed a baffling phenomenon – a fine lay...

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