One down, many more to go...

Posted by Atticus on Wednesday, January 20, 2010
So Thats one investigation down, many more to come and go.

As some of you know, the RiPA's teamed up with Marks & Spencer in Milton Keynes to host a 'charity ghost hunt'. This was held in a not-so-secret bunker "oop 't' north" of the country.

The investigation went smoothly well and everybody had a good time. Minds and opinions changed throughout the night into the possibilities that the paranormal may actually exist.

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Rod & Roger for the hospitality that they provided and the help that made this event possible. Also, a thanks goes out to MKPA (Milton Keynes Play Association)
for the use of the transport. A report on this event will be online soon as will the pics and maybe some video footage. Will this media provide anything ghostly? Well, that'll be for you, the viewer, to decide.

Next up on RiPA's agenda is a
project that'll lead us to many haunted theaters.
Most theatres have more than their fair share of
ghostly activity and RiPA hopes to find out why.
Dont worry, RiPA is not going all 'Most Haunted' and visiting the stage to big ourselves up, we are going as theaters always speak of ghostly activity and this project will be an interesting look into why theatres tend to be as haunted as they are.
This will lead us from Milton Keynes to London, Lincoln to Boston.
The project will be a most interesting
compilation of alleged haunts and hopefully put to rest
claims of ghostly guests and starstruck spooks.

If you know of a haunted theaters that you feel RiPA should visit, drop us a line a

If we decide that the theatre you have suggested warrants a study, you will be invited to attend and find out what really happens on a RiPA project.

In the meantime, keep enjoying the rest of the site and join in by
signing up to our forums.

Untill next time...

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