Oh Hello Feb... Sally Morgan & This Morning

Posted by Atticus on Monday, February 6, 2012
Wow, no update for end of December or throughout the whole of January. Naughty RiPA's! So what is our excuse..... Busy times and a lack on internet communication. That's our excuse and we are sticking to it! 

RiPA have a lot of things going on at the moment. Some are to be kept in-house but other projects and expose's will be dripped fed as and when.

So, what has 2012 bought us so far? Sally Morgan.... Yep, its basically all been about Sally. 
RiPA have a couple of articles on site already which deals with her latest scandal so we wont go into that right now. But instead lets speak of her attempts to sue the
Daily Mail for this articleand also the Associated Newspapers.

A quick reminder, Sally played a gig at a Dublin theatre. An Ireland radio listener phoned in to say she heard voices and saw people in a room aside from stage. The window was open and the listener claimed that Sally was being fed info.

Great stuff... GOTCHA  SALLY! This proves that you are a fraud.... right? 
NO... not as a stand-alone account as it 
is just one person’s eyewitness testimony, recalled using fallible human memory. and we all know how unreliable that can be.

Us of a Skeptical nature are supposed to be coldly dismissive of that kind of evidence. whether for or against. But when you put that together with this
video which shows that, contrary to Morgan’s claims, she had been using two earpieces instead of one, it starts to look more like she’s just a fraud. After all, if it were only to be used as a one-way microphone, why would she need two different earpieces?
Another problem with Morgan’s act is that she doesn’t seem to want to be tested on it under controlled conditions. Last October, Simon Singh and a group of other science advocates challenged Morgan to do exactly that on Halloween and
she rejected the challenge.Speaking via her lawyer’s email account, Morgan told Singh that he “will know that we all have far more important things to do than take part in this or any other ‘test’ at this point.” 
What can be more important than to take part in an experiment that could result in shutting up all of her critics forever,  

Will she win? Perhaps, Our UK libel laws are set up in a way as to favour the plaintiffs. You may have read some articles on the RiPA site regarding 'Sense about Science: Keep libel out of science'. This is a prime reason for the reform bill regarding libel.

The Daily Mail will have to prove that she's not Psychic rather than Sally prove she is. And if she is refusing such challenges then the DM has no hope!

Ok so all this is old news but as this is just a quick recap to make up for lack of January's posts I'm sure I can be forgiven!

On a lighter note, This week (06/02/2012) see's the UK's ITV show 'This Morning' host a 'Supernatural Week'. This morning show looked into whats now known as 'The Enfield Poltergeist'. For two years from 1977, the goings-on at 284 Green Street, Enfield, made national headlines as furniture moved of its own accord, fires spontaneously ignited and extinguished themselves and 11-year-old Janet appeared to be possessed by spirits. Joining Janet, now 46, is Guy Lyon Playfair, a poltergeist expert who was one of the investigators who visited the house and subsequently wrote a book about what he saw called This House Is Haunted; and Deborah Hyde, editor in chief of magazine The Skeptic, to give her alternative explanation of events. I would usually embed the video on site but as my resources are currently limited i'll just put a link up instead.


So there you have it. a mega-quick less informative than usual post just to show we are still active.
I will put up a proper entry towards the end of the week.

Till next time folks.