OCTOBER 22 -2010: The RiPA Charity Halloween Ball in Aid of Willen Hospice

Posted by Atticus on Friday, August 20, 2010
Hey folks. It may seem a bit quiet around RiPA HQ in recent times but thats due to several projects that have een underway.

New shows, new locations and new RiPA's are all being implemented and/or worked upon..... hold on...
Wasnt that the title of the last update post!?
Come on Att, you're repeating yourself!

OK, before we get to the main topic of this update, lets have a brief sum-up of events.

Odditorium - Atts & Bungles new show which takes a lighter look at recent paranormal reports. The pilot for this is set to be recorded within the next fortnight.

Spirit : Level - Thats right, RiPA's long awaited debate show has had an injection of rocket fuel so expect to see that online real soon.

Locations - Due to other commitments, locations have been on the sideline for a while, but we have many coming up soon, one just a few weeks away.

RiPA's - We welcome 3 new RiPA's this week. So lets hope they enjoy the journey. If you are interested in being a RiPA Let us know by clicking here --->
Be a RiPA

So now all that is out the way, lets get to the subject at hand and explain the picture to the left.

RiPA, in cooperation with Wilen Hospice, presents 'The Charity Halloween Ball'. It has took alot of planning to get it this far but now the last piece of the jigsaw is in place and we're ready to present the public with this spooktacular event.

It is set to take place on Fri 22nd October. This free's up the Halloween weekend for all you people out there who want to spend it in an alleged haunted location.

The Charity Halloween Ball is in aid of Willen Hospice.
Some RiPA's have had personal dealings with Willen hence the reason for this event. RiPA would like to put something back into a charity that helps so many including RiPA's and their friends and family.

If you would like to find out more about Willen Hospice then visit their website:

So, on with the ball. The event will start at 20:00 with doors opening at 19:00. There will be a Disco to introduce the night then the stage will be overtaken by a live band to keep you guys entertained throughout the night.
What is the name of the band? None other than the good looking guys of O'Casan.

O'Casan have extensive experience professionally as performers from a variety of backgrounds - experience includes support slots with: Snow Patrol - Zero 7 - The Wombats - Echo and the Bunnymen - Terrorvision - The Enemy - The Stranglers and many more.

RiPA are honored to have these guys play for them at this event and the boys are no strangers to playing for big name clients. The following is a brief list of just some of the companies they have performed for: Marks And Spencers - Natwest - Churchill Insurance - BMW - Healthspan - Jersey Round Table - Mercedes Benz - Walkabout - Pitcher & Piano - Royal Bank Of Scotland PLC - Sainsbury - Pizza Express and now they can add RiPA and Willen to that list.

Thats not all. Also performing throughout the night is one of our very own!
Thats right, RiPA Chris Richards will be wowing the crowd with his spectacular acts of mind magic and mentalism as well as a metal bending routine that'll have Uri Geller watching his back.

Chris, also known throughout Milton Keynes and Buckinghamshire as
'Magic Chris'  has performed for and comes recommended by many Milton Keynes bars, clubs and high end establishments, and is never far away from the eye of the excitement. He has been entertaining for over 15 years and has an endless wealth of knowledge in not only close up magic, but a variety of performance types from hypnosis to acting.

What tricks has he got up his sleeves for the Halloween Ball?
Only he knows, but you can be sure you will be amazed by his repertoire.

Chris will be performing in between the band sets so the nights entertainment will keep on flowing.
He will also be working the floor with some of his special close up magic.

As well as all the above there is a raffle draw to be held. Now tickets will go on sale Monday 23rd August at the price of £2. All proceeds raised from the raffle will go to Willen Hospice.
So what prizes are on offer? What could your £2 win you? From a Jousting experience worth £200 to a trip for two at Silverstone Racetrack. There is something for everyone in this draw.

So thats a top live band, A great illusionist, A high end raffle, gee RiPA, is there anything else?
Well yes, yes there is. There will also be a buffet througout the night so you dont go hungry as well as some Halloween themed side stalls. Have your tarot read, get a reading from a psychic, ask RiPA questions about the paranormal. All this and more for only £20.

All you need to do to buy a ticket is visit the oh-so-subtle link below;


One slight thing I should add:

Keep checking back for more info on this exciting event.
(Details are subject to change.)

Hope to see y'all there,

till next time.....