New Show, New RiPA's and New Locations

Posted by Atticus on Monday, August 9, 2010

Oh gee, its been a while since the last update but it has been busy busy at RiPA HQ.

To start with, RiPA are pleased to announce that the final preparations are coming together in order for a new program on the paranormal called
'The Odditorium'.

Hosted by Atticus and Bungle, 'The Odditorium' will present the fortnights roundup of the latest paranormal stories.
From the unbelievable to the bizarre, our two intrepid hosts will bring humor and question to the accounts put before them.
There will also be a Q&A for the viewers to write in and ask the questions they always wanted to know.

This is set to be a real interesting venture for the RiPA brand and one of many new features that RiPA hope to bring to you.

Feel free to send your questions to the guys at
odditorium@ripaonline, and we will endeavour to answer them on the show. Be sure to check out the trailer above for a quick feel on 'The Odditorium'.
The first show will be released real soon so keep coming back for more on this new feature.

As some of you frequent visitors know, RiPA have been undergoing quite a change in researchers recently.
This has left a few openings for future RiPA's to join one of the leading teams of parapsychological research.
If you are interested in being a RiPA, just click
hereor at the ' Wanna be a RiPA' link at top of this page and we will be in touch.
In the meantime, RiPA would like to welcome aboard their two newest members.
Feel free to make them feel welcome on our forums which you'll find here --->>
RiPA Forums.

So hows things with locations, RiPA?
Busy times has meant that location studies have taken to the side lines.
This is not to say that we have suspended investigations, far from it in fact, just that other jobs have been on the agenda.

RiPA do however have some very exciting places coming up. From a Castle in Wales to a Stately home 'oop 't 'North!

So many 'Ghost groups' tend to frequent ex-Most Haunted places. Woodchester Mansion, Dudley Castle, Dudley Gaol, The Ram Inn, Michelham Priory etc... the list goes on and on.

So whats wrong with these places?? 
Nothing.... really. While im sure they are lovely places and will probably increase the 'Para-Respect' meter among the ghost hunting community, they have been done to death!
Ok, great pun but maybe they are haunted, they have to get their reputation from somewhere. Im not denying that they are not home to resident spooks and yeah, RiPA may go to some again in the future but we are in no great rush.

Whats the point of investigating places that everyone goes to? Is it worth taking the group's 'Medium' when the chances are they know about the high profile location already?

Now look, I aint dissing these places at all. All im saying is just because there are some big names on the groups resume doesnt mean to say that they are a great group or even that these places are genuinely haunted.

So whats my point on this? All im trying to say is dont forget there are many many locations that claim to be home to discarnate souls but are forgotten or not thought worthy of such investigation due to not being known or visited by the Most Haunted team. 

RiPA investigate many of such locations. Not all are in the public eye and usually, thats a good thing. Alot of tour or event companies do not realise the damage they cause real researchers. For one, places automatically put us all in the same pot. 
Therefore, they think research groups are a business. This does not help for future studies by non profit making organisations. Most companies will charge from £35 upwards to spend 4-6 hours in an allegedly haunted places. 

They tend to have approx 15-30 people with them. So lets say that 23 people part with their money.
Thats £805. On a six hour shift, thats about £134.00 an hour!!!

Ok, so location cost has to come out of that. so lets minus £600 as it is a location that has been on TV's Most Haunted. That is now £34ph, Nice work if you can get it.

What does the customer get out of it? An experience for sure.
They get to watch a 'medium' whether genuine or not, apparently talk to the other side. How can the customer be sure? They cant. But because they paid they think it must be true as no-one likes to be parted with their money for no reason. They may get to sit in a darkened room while listening to the host 'call out' to the deceased in the hope that one makes contact.

Does it? possibly not, but as its a dark room and noises are heard, the ' ghost' has made contact!

Ok, it seems that I am slating tour companies for what they do. Im not, Im just trying to bring to light how they dont help the more serious societies out there do what they need to do.

RiPA try not to charge. In some cases donations will have to be made but at the very bare minimum in order to get access. You will have longer than 6 hours, you will have the truth and you can guarantee you'll come back with some extra knowledge. But will you come back knowing that ghosts exist? Who knows? 
Join us and find out! 

Til next time......