New Season For RiPA

Posted by RiPA Rep on Sunday, January 8, 2017

Hey guys. Yep, we're still about even though the website may not have been!
2016 was a strange year for RiPA. not in a paranormal sense but in a more 'life' sense.
Many things happened but still no evidence came through to prove the spooks are out there.
We had worked on many projects, went out on a few studies and actually made friends!! yeah, for real! RiPA made friends!
So how is this year looking?

Well, fresh into 2017 and already the arguments have started. Not because of something we have said, done, or written but more to do with a picture of an alleged Angel/Demon. Our member Att has uploaded a short vid on our Facebook page giving his thoughts on it and you can view that by clicking on this link.

As for RiPA projects, we have many. to mention a few we have 'The Seance Sessions' coming up. This is to replace last years Ouija Trials so keep an eye out for that.

'Bucks Most Haunted Pub' is live again and this year we will actually be going to some so look out for the filming of that as you guys will be the ones deciding.

We are also currently working on getting exclusivity to a great building where we'll be able to host many social studies for you guys to take part in. 

I'm gonna keep this blog short as it is only an introductory one to the reigniting of the website and to briefly speak about whats coming up in 2017. The next blog will actually have a point i'm sure.

So 'til next time folks.

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