Muncaster Castle, Paracon & Did Derren Stick It To You?

Posted by Atticus on Monday, September 21, 2009

So the Muncaster Castle Conference '09 has been and gone and although RiPA had an invite, no RiPA's could attend which was such a shame.

I have heard that it all went very well with some very interesting talks. I hope to recieve a summary of the events from a couple of speakers who were there shortly, and when i do I shall post it on here.

Although RiPA couldnt make Muncaster, RiPA do hope to visit Ireland in November for the Dublin Paracon 09.

This is the second Paracon and the line up of speakers is looking pretty good. Ciaran O'Keefe, Student of Wiseman and from Living TV's Most Haunted and Barry Fitzgerald from GHI make up just a couple of exciting guests.

Like RiPA, this event is not just about the investigations, as the Paranormal is such a diverse subject, the guys at Paracon hope to have someone there for every aspect. RiPA will keep you folks posted on any updates.

So, was you glued to your seats on Friday night during Derren's 2nd installment from 'The Events'? No?
Nor were any of the RiPA's, which is a shame. If however you were affected, let us know as we'd love to hear what happened.

So next up in episode 3 is 'How To Be A Psychic Spy'.
What are we to expect? Who better to answer that than Derren himself.

"There was a sort of psychic arms race which ran alongside the Cold War, which we are all sort of dimly aware of from the CIA conspiracy theories, and work like Jon Ronson’s The Men Who Stare at Goats. It’s playing on that.

There’s one particular area, which is remote viewing, where things can be supposedly viewed and described even though they remain hidden. So a remote viewer, as some believe the CIA were using, would be able to view a document in Russia while sitting in Washington. It continues to this day. We have one of the world’s best remote viewers on the show, demonstrating it.

It’s an interesting area for me, because obviously I’m sceptical of anything psychic, and so what I’m then going to do isn’t psychic but it plays on a similar theme. There will be a large, nationwide interactive remote-viewing experiment, to see if the nation can see something that is hidden from view. So everyone will be at home drawing what they think the hidden object looks like. If it works, it won’t be proof of psychic ability, because the methods I’m using won’t be psychic. We’re just trying to do stuff that hasn’t been done before, and this is certainly the first of its kind.

There will be layers to it and there will be an online element to it, so people will be able to do this in the build-up to the show on the website. And all of the results will be collated. We’ll also have people there with us trying to do the same thing, it won’t just be viewers at home."

This will be real interesting for those that took part in Richard Wiseman's Twitter experiment on Remote viewing as the results from that were less than impressive. Maybe RiPA and Sheldrake will host a Remote Viewing Experiment real soon....

As said before, the RiPA's will be hosting live chat session in the RiPA Chatroom from 21:00 GMT Friday on The Events so would be nice to see you there and to hear your experiences during the show.... the trailer for this episode is below:

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