Most Haunted Live - Eight Faces of Evil

Posted by Atticus on Sunday, October 25, 2009
So its halloween again and of course, by the laws of inevitability, The MH crew raises its ugly head to try to fool, I mean, bring to the public paranormal phenomena. 

Let me take this oppotunity to express the point that RiPA aint exactly 'Anti-Most Haunted' just more critical of them as being a real life research team, RiPA have experienced the knock on effects that shows like Most Haunted have caused.

From astronomical hire prices of locations because Yvette and Karl have been there to lots of little Most Haunted carbon copy groups starting up and due to their inexperience, creating trouble or hassle for property owners who then tar paranormal researchers with the same brush and shut their doors to future parapsychological studies.

Its not a good thing when all your trying to do is get support in this pseudoscience.

Anyway, so what do the Most Haunted team hope to do this season?
Well, So far the claims are that their live audience, as opposed to their dead ones, '...will be taking a much more active role in proceedings than ever before....' So does that mean that the more gullable, or the stooges will faint, fit, feel and cough? oooo and not forgetting the onset of a headache.

'...They and the audience at home will witness experiments on the grand scale, some never before seen on television. We will attempt a séance, in front of our live audience, of such mammoth dimension that if contact is made, no one will miss it...' Hmmm sounds promising, but hang on, Wouldn't an Infrasound set up create a strange effect?   '...There is a dark criminal undertone to event this year involving gruesome murders, hordes of brutal hangings and twisted torture...' There always is, but still nothing ever happens to the Most Haunted crew.

Anyway, the shows team will visit seven locations all of which allegedly tell a bizarre grim tale, one of a wife murdered and chopped to pieces another of a woman locked in a tower and left to rot and we follow the final journey of witches on their sorry trek to the gallows.
So in writing it sounds great, but in reality..... can we really trust them?
Below is the promo for the show and be sure to keep popping by our
mediasection for the highlights of the weeks events.

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