Mark Webb Speaks Exclusively To RiPA About TV's Living With The Dead

Posted by RiPA Rep on Sunday, August 2, 2009

 TV's Living with the dead paranormal investigator, Mark Webb has left the show on his own accord despite claims of him being sacked.
Webb revealed on Richard Felix's radio show, Ghost Chronicles International, that Johnnie Fiori and Ian Lawman had been fed location information prior to the investigations and that he had proof.

Webb sent the proof that he spoke of to RiPA, and we can assure that it certainly seem that Mark's claims are true.
The email is addressed to Johnnie , Ian and Mark with attachments containing information on 'The Haxby Strangler' - which goes into great detail about the house location, the residents and the events there, the 'hook' for the program and several other factors. Also included was information on the 'Haxby History' - This goes into detail about the history of Haxby and Viking settlements.

Following Mark's announcement, a Facebook conversation took place between Ian Lawman and Webb where the animosity clearly shows with Ian offering to '...take [Mark's] arse out...'.

After the show, Mark put the following on his website:

Dear all,

I feel I need to explain a few things as people really need to know the truth and not the garbage that is being spouted.

The email which I have made public was in my inbox from April of last year. I decided to have a clear out about 2 weeks ago and noticed the receipients included the shows 2 mediums. I received this email as I am an investigator and not a medium, this was intended to aid me with setting up experiments. If I had noticed this at the time of filming I would have walked away from the show.

As for peoples claims of sour grapes and bitterness over being sacked, surely I would have attempted to sabotage the show at the time of filming series 2. Also I am yet to see any evidence of my sacking from the show other than 2 scorned mediums words, which mean nothing to me.

As for being in the spot light, anyone who really knows me knows that is absolute bollocks. I never wanted to appear on TV and have never approached any production company to ask for work. I have a career outside of the paranormal so do not need to exploit people to live. I have not attempted to sell this story but I can assure you that if someone offers money for it I will donate it to charity.

I do have more emails, however I will keep these on the back burner until I need to show them.

Mark Webb

So is this another Paranormal showcase that follows in the lead of when Ciaran O’Keeffe sprang the 'Kreed Kafer' stunt on 'Most Haunted's' Derek Acorah (
see Kreed Kafer video here) Is it really any wonder that the Paranormal is rarely taken seriously with shows like LWTD being outed for fraud?
It seems like a modern day re-creation of when spirituality was ousted back in victorian times when 99% of mediums were discovered to be no more but charlatans.

RiPA's PR, Cally, had the chance to interview Webb about the LWTD situation and he kindly accepted. The interview with
Mark Webb on Living With The Dead can be read here.Webb has also agreed to work with RiPA in the future.

Despite several attempts of trying to get in touch with Ian and Johnnie to get their side of the story, they both have declined.

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