Mark Mcilroy - King of Paranormal

Posted by Att on Sunday, January 15, 2017

Hey folks. Let me introduce to you Mark Mcilroy. But of course, ya'll already knew who he was as he is 'The king of the paranormal' after all.
Ok ok, so maybe you are not familar with him but let me change that.
Mark is a member of Australian based team The Paranormal Project and claims to have been to over 100 different places and has had just as many call-outs.

Ok, so far so good. He's a chap with an interest in the paranormal but read on.
He claims, as many groups do, that they do what they do as a community service..

“It does get expensive but we don’t charge. For us it started as a hobby, we’re feeding a hobby. “People are in distress, it’s not right to profit from their distress.

“The look of relief on their faces when firstly, we confirm there is activity there and that they aren’t crazy, and then when we cleanse the house — that is enough for us.”

That all seems harmless enough but lets take a look at his later statement there. How do they confirm there is activity?
If this is the case then surely they have science changing proof? We'll come back to that later.

He then says: 

“We have had cases that were not paranormal but we were able to debunk them logically. Stuff like doors opening by themselves might be a draft or the door’s not hung straight — we’ll find a logical explanationWe are sceptics first — we will do everything we can to prove that it’s not paranormal"

Now this is starting to sound promising but then it all comes crashing down when he says that psychics are almost entirely the reason he believes in the paranormal and that the psychics he uses are 99% accurate. 

“In a new case we’ll get one of our mediums to do a remote reading,” he said.“It gives us a bit of idea on what sort of home we’re walking into, whether it’s something dark or a past family member — like a spiritual heads-up.”.

They then follow this up with interviews with the client and then after trying to figure out what the spirit wants they will conduct psychic healing to move it on. They claim to never have been asked back. 
Now is that because of the healing or could it be because of the following?

A case they dealt with about 14 months ago involved a girl of around 12 years of age who allegedly had s'something dark' attached to her. He said that.... 

“She got into such a state of depression she wasn’t going to school and we were up against the clock trying to get whatever this thing was to let go of her before the government decided to step in"

I personally thing this is quite a dangerous path to go down. A 12/13 year old girl with a state of depression and demotivated for school? Could this just be the joys of puberty? I think having a ghost hunter involved who clearly believes in malevolent forces involved can only lead to future complications. This is where ethics play a part. Are any of The PP mental health practitioners or doctors? If one was, should that be something to keep separate from their ghost hunting hobby? 

Happily enough, Mark and PP 'lost their race against the clock and the girl was taken from the family to be committed to mental care' 

“The government did end up stepping in, they placed her into a mental institution. 
They put her through psychiatrists and pumped her full of a whole heap of drugs that separated her mind from it.”.

So they took her into care and gave her help from certified professionals in mental health and drugs that helped balance the chemicals in her brain. Sounds like a good thing they did. 
But Mcilroy claims that although the girl was freed from her spiritual captor, their methods would have been better for her.

Really? That really is a BOLD statement to make and one that made me write this article.

Is there a line that people who hunt ghosts should never cross? 
Maybe Mcilroy had good intentions at heart?
What do you guys think?
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As for Mcilroy being the King of the paranormal? Not yet buddy, not yet.

(Excerpts and full story here)

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