Looking For Cast & Crew In Milton Keynes Area

Posted by Att on Sunday, January 29, 2017

Hey folks, We're gonna take a bit of time out from talking paranormal in this update but instead put out a heartfelt appeal for helpers.

For a while now us at RiPA have been striving to get good content out there within the paranormal world and as with most things in the modern world, it seems digital media is the way forward, so you would think mixing the paranormal and digital media would be a recipe for success right?...right?

Well not exactly!...... Either that or we just really suck at the skills needed to become an internet guru in todays online technological storm!
We have been approached by many different media outlets over the past few years but most have come to nothing. OK, so 90% of them were based in America and logically speaking it would've been a task from hell no doubt.... Oh who am I kidding? We would've made it happen!

Anyhow, needless to say that we are still yet to actually do anything on the scale we would like. Our home grown productions are all well and good and we shall continue to make such programs, but it's all about the progression  A rolling stone gathers no moss and all that jazz.

So this brings us to our appeal. If you live local to the Milton Keynes vicinity and would like to be involved in creating programs based on the paranormal genre then please get in touch. No, I'm not talking 'Most Haunted' stylee (although some concepts may have similar aspects) but I'm talking about redefining the paranormal media. We have talk shows, debate shows, factual documentaries and more in line but we lack the people power to make something of them all.

Experience is not needed, just a passion to create and be part of something. Whether it's in front of or behind the camera we want to hear from you. Drop us a line on our contact page or pop over to our Facebook page and say hi. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

Til next time folks.

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