Kelvedon Hatch: The Return

Posted by Atticus on Monday, March 14, 2011

In our current run of what seems like revisits, next on the list is Kelvedon Hatch.

RiPA have toured the length and breadth of Britain hitting known, and not so known, bunkers.
Out of all visited so far it seems Kelvedon Hatch tops the RiPA List.

Why is this?

Is it due to the constant reports of haunting phenomena?

Is it because many paranormal groups that visit always come away with *tangible* evidence?

Well actually its neither. Its just a jolly nice place complete with chickens.

Ok so the Kelvedon has its reports of ghostly happenings within its thick walls.
So lets have a look into the depths of Kelvedon Hatch and what discarnate souls are said to wallk the corridors.

Kelvedon Hatch secret nuclear bunker is gaining a reputation as being a very haunted location indeed. Over the years since the building of the Kelvedon Hatch bunker, there have been 3 distinct phases of use; RAF ROTOR station, Civil defence centre and as the Regional Government HQ. The building was designed to house upto 600 personnel during the event of a nuclear attack on Britain, ensuring that there would at least be some survivors in the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust.
In 1992 the building was decommissioned due the to the expense of keeping the bunker on 'standby'; it was reportedly costing £3million per year!

Unfortunately, UK TAPS equivalent, 'Most Haunted', investigated the property with, as always, some interesting results. Any of it genuine? 
We'll leave that to you to decide.

RiPA are pleased to say that we have a strong friendship with the current owners.
They understand the RiPA way and actually commend us in our work and the way we do it.
All praise is good to hear every now and then.

This place has sure got its fair share of haunts.

From  the lonely figure of a workman to unexplained noises and footsteps

There has also been apparent activity and interaction using the old methods of Table tipping, Ouija, glass divination and good old Franks Box.

Our last visit to the Bunker was very interesting indeed. We also had a hit on our improved 'Franks Box' inspired 'RiPA Reciever'. We have now just added sound lights to it. Even if it is a dead duck idea, at least we'll get a funky light show.

So folks.
Last time it was private, this time its public.
Thats right, RiPA are inviting you folks to join us at the Kelvedon Hatch Bunker.

Commercial sites offer a lesser night at the price tag in excess of £70 for only 5 hours.
RiPA have it for 14 hours at the modest sum of £25pp

But, if you sign up to our forums and make a minimum of 10 worthy posts, you will be able to take advantage of our special RiPA rate.
To do that just visit the RiPA forums by clicking this link.

For more info, email us at:

Till next time folks.
Enjoy Most Haunted's part 1 of their visit to Kelvedon Hatch:

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