Derren is Back...

Posted by Atticus on Monday, September 7, 2009

So Derren Brown is back on our screens with another live show. Watching Derren Brown is like Christmas without the depressing dreariness afterwards. So hells yeah bring on The Events!
Derren Brown will attempt to predict the lottery results on Wednesday 9th 'Sept in the first episode of his new series, The Events.
The much loved and equally dispised illusionist will broadcast live from a secret location and, in a television first, Channel 4 will show the event across its entire network on Channel 4, E4, More4, Film4 and 4 Music. But this could be just to do with the fact that Derren WILL make you watch it!

Following the live prediction, Derren will reveal on Friday 11th September at 9pm how he did it and how viewers at home can also do it. One that I, and probably the other RiPA's will make sure to watch!

Derren seemed to be a bit nervous about this stunt. Sources state than during an interview on the show he said: "I realise there are a lot of questions this brings up, and I hope they'll be answered on the Friday night show. For now, I'm really excited and really nervous and cannot tell you for sure how well it will work. Some things just have to be tried."

Watch the video above as Derren explains more about The Events. You can see the lottery prediction live on Wednesday at 22.35 GMT.

RiPA will be hosting a live chat session during the show so please feel free to join us on the night. RiPA will be talking from 22:00 GMT on the Wednesday. And then during the series on Fridays at 21:00 GMT.

Talking of TV, RiPA is now taking on candidates for
'Spirit : Level', RiPA's very own topical show on the paranormal in which opposing sides give their evidence to the fors and against of the paranormal world.
Stay tuned for more on this exciting program.

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