Posted by Atticus on Sunday, May 1, 2011

Thats right folks, after a bit of a delay we are back again with a truly brilliant event.

But first lets have a quick catch up.

Since our last update which was on Homeopathy and alternative treatments it has transpired, as of today, that an eu law has been passed regarding Herbal Remedies and alt treatments to be basically outlawed.

Ok, so the term outlawed may be a bit strong but as a result of the new legalities, that is what will no doubt happen.
These new laws are aimed at protecting consumers from potentially damaging "traditional" medicines.

Under the directive, herbal medicines will now have to be registered. Products must meet safety, quality and manufacturing standards, and come with information outlining possible side-effects.

Herbal practitioners and manufacturers say they fear the new rules could force them out of business. Wouldn't that be a shame.

Could this law extend to Homeopathy? Who knows, but word has it that EU are looking into it and will LOWER the essences to a more SAFER level!! 

Anyhow, back to the Herbalists. From now on, manufacturers will have to prove their products have been made to strict standards and contain a consistent and clearly marked dose. Remedies already on sale will be allowed to stay on the shelves until their expiry date. The agency said there had been 211 applications for approval of herbal remedies so far, with 105 granted and the rest still under consideration. Approved remedies will come with a logo marked THR.

We await the outcome.

Right, onto more exciting news. It seems our next event is a return to the Galleries Of Justice. This place is like part of the Holy Grail when it comes to haunted places in the UK. In the past, RiPA has kept quiet about studies held at this place, as well as many others, but this time we are throwing open our doors to a limited number of guests who would be willing to join us at this wonderful place. 

Shall I reveal the history and details here? Nah! Just visit: for all the info you need on this study.

In the title of this update it states future projects. Ok, this is kinda misleading as it is early days and I am not really at liberty to disclose such info. However I will add that all going well you will be seeing a lot more of RiPA and you will be able to get involved in many different studies.
It is a great time to be a RiPA!
In the meantime we would love to see you lot join in the discussions on the RiPA forums. The past week has given way to some interesting stories including one about a gravedigger who raped four schoolgirls in a church yard after claiming he was a warlock who could pass on his magic powers by having sex! Come read the full story and have your say!

Till next time folks