How To Win The Lottery....and other news.

Posted by RiPA Rep on Friday, September 11, 2009

.....And so it was. Well done Derren, We can all go out and win the lottery...... IN A YEARS TIME AND WITH OVER 26 PEOPLE HELPING US!!

Ok, I shouldnt be too hard on the fella, but come on! you tell us your going to teach us how to win the lottery, how to predict the balls, how to be better looking..... ok, maybe not the last one but hell, he might be able to make it happen.

At least channel 4 benefited from it. Bet it had more viewers than the past 50 years of 'Big Brother'.

So, how did he do it? hmmmm, RiPA would love to share this with you but, as Paul Daniels predicted, we dont really have a clue!
It seem to be mainly about the law of averages and the 'mean' results or at least something like that.

Thats at least the excuse he said anyway. The other options were 'fixing the machine' and camera trickery.
Both of which he denied.

Anyhow, as a result, none of the RiPA's are any richer which is a shame.

Just want to say thanks to everyone that showed up for the
chat during the show too. Its always nice to have that interactivity. Remember to drop by for next week's program too.

Onto other news now. RiPA is proud to announce future happenings with one of their frequent 'haunts',
'The Hind Hotel', Wellingborough, Northants, UK.
RiPA are currently in talks with The Hind regarding hosting many of their future events there including, but not limited to;
Talks with reknowned Parapsychologists, discussions on the power of the human mind,
how anomalistics could be the way forward in psychology and several Social experimental projects that you can have the chance to take part in. In additional to the odd investigation.
Other events will be held at various places around the area including at the RiPA Rectory, RiPA's HQ.

This is an exciting time for RiPA as many studies into the human mind with regards to the paranormal will be arranged in collaboration with Rupert Sheldrake.

RiPA are still looking for people with mediumlistic abilities for their project into the workings of mediumilistic ability.
So if you or someone you know has such a gift, put yourself or them forward by visiting our
'social experiment' page.

RiPA are currently working a special event for halloween. This will be held in Milton Keynes in one of the 'New City's' oldest pubs. Stay tuned for more news on that. In the mean time, feel free to join in on the
chat , express your views in our forums, or just have a jolly good nose around the site.

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