Houdini A'Live Seance - October 31

Posted by Atticus on Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hey Guys And Ghouls..... (Ed - Couldnt resist that one!)
So the Charity Halloween Costume Ball is all over... Thank fuck for that! I will be honest with you loyal followers of us here at RiPA, It was not quite what we expected!

The Band
'O'Casan'  were fantastic, despite having a nightmare sound check! Tip for future events

However, using their inginuity they managed to overcome all the headache and hassle and still went ahead a nd put on a blinding show. RiPA, and myself personally, cannot thank Luke, Rich and Nick enough for giving up their time and performing on the night.

Another fellow and good friend who was displaying his stuff and wowing the ladies was
Christopher Richards.
Chris, otherwise known as the man with many names..... Only kidding, Chris, also known as MK:Magic, mesmorised, astounded and amazed the guests as he used his special powers to go invisible, remove the number 7 from existence and get a girl to change her name to Fred!

If you are holding an event and want some performers that will make your night that little more memorable then book these guys. They are just Fucking awesome.

Another couple of people I need to extend my thanks to are Stephen Rickett for sound control and use of various audio equipment. Natalie Welham for pulling the relevant strings and going out of her way to make the night possible and
Mike Peel  for use of a most impressive sculptured tree that he had made for the upcoming film 'Red Kingdom'. AVR Photography, for capturing the nights event on film and for their genorous gift of an portrait session for a lucky raffle winner.  And last but not least,  the RiPA's for putting up with the headaches caused and of course, everyone who showed there support by turning up on the night.

As Ive done the 'Thanks' part I now need to add a 'Not So Thanks' part.... During the organising of this event, we have been let down by so many people and companies. Some last minute and some who never followed through.

First and main bugbare is with MK CITIZEN. The citizen promised to run a feature on the event back in August. Never happened! Then in the edition dated 21st October, it was there.... Unfortunately, IT WAS WRONG!
They advertised it for SATURDAY 23 OCTOBER! As well as a few other inaccuracies. This has lost us ALOT of money which, may I add, we will be claiming back! MK CITIZEN..... GET IT RIGHT!
Is it any wonder MK News is covering the Houdini event and not MK Citizen??

Another Asshole company is TESCO's! Loadsa false promises, loadsa phone calls never returned!
Curry/Dixons: Dont get me started on it! Costco, Asda, AirKix, Sno-zone plus many more all promised to play a part but failed. And lastly but not least, The Hilton Hotel itself, The place where the event was held, Guys, You need to sort out you conference porters! Paying you a fortune and having to set the room up ourselves is just not on! How many lies did you tell us? How many times did you change the rules? How many times did you try to con us even more? Hilton.... we will now fight you, you owe us and we will win.
Nearly at the end of this rant, but 2 questions remain... What happened to all the people who said they'll come? What happened to the people who bought tickets but were a no show? Its not on folks.

Right, moving on to RiPA's next main event which is to be held at MADCAP THEATER on October 31st.
This is the 'Houdini - A'Live Seance'. Thats right, RiPA are holding a night of mystery and suspense as they try to recreate the Seances that were tried for 10 years after Houdini's tragic demise. 
So go back in time and join Victorian RiPA as they honour the 84th anniversary of Houdini's tragic death. Harry died on 31st October 1926 and for the next ten years, Bess, Harry's wife, vowed to try and make contact with Houdini on the other side.

Will Houdini come through for us on October 31st 2010? Come along and find out.
Experience the History and Magic of Houdini as RiPA presents the Houdini A'Live Seance.
Test your Psychic ability, Meet and watch Master Locksmith, Magician and Houdini Historian Mick Hanzlik, as he speaks about the man who was 'Houdini'. Explore some rare Houdini Artifacts and be part of the Seance to see if he'll grace us with his presence.
This Seance will be set in a Victorian Theater with a Victorian theme so feel free to dress for the occasion (optional)

For more information on this and ticket info visit:
Houdini - A'Live Seance