Homeopaths admit Homeopathy is a joke and is Parapsychology dead?

Posted by Atticus on Thursday, February 25, 2010
So, What has happened since our last update?
Well lets kick it off with the Simon Singh court case.
RiPA's source, who actually attended the trial, say that things seem to be in Simons favour. I suppose it helps when the judge is easily confused between the chiropractioners out there and the recent Homeopathy outcry.

Theres still time to sign the petition for the libel law reform. Just visit {libel reform}. If you are unfamiliar with the case, check out our past update on the libel reform case. 

Right, over to Homeopathy now. If you have been following the case, you will be aware of the effect that the '10:23' event had. Since then, the government are passing a bill to stop funding Homeopathy and are withdrawing it from the NHS. 
But maybe you still believe that there 'IS' something to it.
But what if Homeopaths were to turn around and say 'Yeah, its all one big joke'?

Well they have! Thats right,  in a stunning announcement, the North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH) admitted that the whole field of medicine called homeopathy was a big joke that got out of hand.
We were surprised how many people fell for it," said Manfred Mueller, NASH president, "I mean, who could seriously believe that some herb, diluted a thousand times less than a thimble-full mixed up in the Earth's oceans, could actually do anything?"

Visit the following link for the entire press release surrounding this Homeopathy admission. {Homeopathy is a joke}

Lets talk parapsychology.
Leading academia's and
scientists are trying to withdraw parapsychology all  together. It has always been argued as whether or not it is a 'science' or a 'pseudoscience', RiPA have even held talks on that issue. but now, it seems they feel it is a total waste of time. They believe that all that could be done is done.
From Ganzfield to PK experiments, all the possible experiments and protocols have been exhausted.

RiPA believes this is a very closed minded view of parapsychology. Sure, one key problem with this field is that people tend to do the same experiments time and time again, just getting the same results.
We need to devise new, more up-to-date experiments.

Parapsychology matters and should be kept alive and well. To find out why, take a look at why RiPA thinks parapsychology is important by following this link {parapsychology IS important}

As always, we are more than willing to host, organise and even take part in any experiment that you come up with in order to test certain elements of the paranormal.

Now on to RiPA news: RiPA have just secured another Bunker which will be awesome in preparation for our project with the MOD later this year. We also have a few more theaters on the list so please keep your suggestions coming in. Email us at theaters@ripaonline.co.uk to let us know of one near you.

There is still room to come and join RiPA in time for what should be an exciting year. All you need to do is go to the RiPA's 'Join Us' page, send a mail, and await our responce. So simple.
Also, come share your thoughts on the Simon Singh court case and Homeopathy revelation on the RiPA forums. 

So, do you still believe in Homeopathy? This guy certainly does!

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