Haunted Theaters: A RiPA Project

Posted by Atticus on Thursday, February 4, 2010

Throughout history, The theater has been a place of tragedy and joy, heartbreak and love, sadness and happiness etc, so is it any wonder, with all these powerful emotions going on in one place, that theaters are one of the most allegedly haunted establishments around?

There are theaters in nearly every town, county and city in the UK. Differing in shape and size, but all have a 'story' to tell.

Be it the lust-lorn actress who took her life for she failed to take the lead role or the man who killed his fellow thespian because he thought it was his fault the play didn't go well, the stories may change but the hauntings remain.

So RiPA thought its about time a serious investigation into these alleged haunts took place. What really makes the theater such a place for spirits to dwell?
Is it their love of the arts? The fact that they are just looking on to make sure future shows bode well? or could it be something a lot simpler such as slightly askew stage platforms, structural imperfections or even just simple infra-sound?

Whatever it is RiPA hope to collate a selection of case studies to try and finally get to the bottom of why theaters are one of the most haunted type of buildings.

In order to help us with this
study, RiPA are interested in
hearing your tales of theater hauntings.
Maybe you work in one, perform
in one or just visit a certain one occasionally.

So whether it be a theater for RiPA to visit or just a report of an experience you went through, drop us a mail at theaters@ripaonline.co.uk

If the theater you suggest warrants a study, then you will be invited to attend the night with RiPA as your input maybe quite valuable.

Our first theater visit takes place on 12th Feb 2010.
Naturally, it would be foolish of me to reveal the place name and location but rest assured, it is steeped in history and allegedly has its fair share of spirits. This particular theater is a good start to this project and RiPA looks forward to visiting many more in order to bring to you an up-to-date listing of haunted theaters and a conclusion, positive or not, in why they are so attractive to paranormal phenomenon.

OK, so what else is in store for RiPA? Several projects are underway but we are still waiting for a MEDIUM or a PSYCHIC to step up to our study. Many have came but then backed down. We have been as open as we can within the protocols and we are willing to adapt within reason. So again, of you are, or know of any MEDIUMS or PSYCHICS that are willing to help promote that what they do IS possible. Get in touch, drop us a line by simply clicking the following sentence.
RiPA's test the mediums. See, we make it soooo simple!

In the meantime, keep enjoying the rest of the site and join in by
signing up to our forums.

Till next time....

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