Halloween 2013.....

Posted by RiPA on Saturday, November 2, 2013
Wow. What a year it has been. Our website has been down since January this year! This forced us to rely on social media as a back up while we get things net-worthy again. During our unofficial 'Hiatus', many developments backstage have happened as well as the obligatory let downs. But hell, We're back now and although it will be an uphill struggle getting back to where we used to be, with your support I'm sure we'll accomplish it soon.

So what's the latest on RiPA?
Well, we have just come back from a fantastic Halloween gig at the 'Weirdest shop in Milton Keynes', Crystal Curios. Based in Little Brickhill, this emporium has pretty much anything you can think of. From human bones to rotten teeth necklaces.
If the strange and macabre is your thing, then definitely pop in for a visit.  

Back to RiPA things, Our RiPA man, (the guy in our logo) has finally come to life. We are working to stretch out more to our supporters and you guys and try and be more involved with the strange things that are going on closer to you. If you see him about, please drop us a line and pic to let us know where you saw him. You can do this via our Facebook page, RiPA.Online. We have also just opened up a 'group' page on FB which you can join and interact with us in a way that our FB page would not allow.

So onwards and upwards. Yes, we are still about. Yes we are still looking into 'dodgy' mediums and yes, we are back on the scene.

Thank you for sticking by us.

In the meantime we look forward to hearing from you.